The Best Tea Whole Foods Products: What to Look For In 2022

Some aspects of your diet have been determined by research to provide positive changes for your overall well-being. These best tea whole foods products could change the way you feel each day and may even make some of the common ailments much more manageable.

If these results sound appealing, then this list is perfect for you. This list will show you the top 15 best tea whole foods products on the market. Read further to discover them.

The Best Tea Whole Foods Comparison 2022

NoNameImageBest ForRatingDetails
1[amazon link=”B074J7QCCC” /][amazon fields=”B074J7QCCC” value=”thumb”]Best for containing enough antioxidants[amazon fields=”B074J7QCCC” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B074J7QCCC” value=”button”]
2[amazon link=”B074HBQZXT” /][amazon fields=”B074HBQZXT” value=”thumb”]Best for offering no artificial flavors[amazon fields=”B074HBQZXT” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B074HBQZXT” value=”button”]
3[amazon link=”B074H732CB” /][amazon fields=”B074H732CB” value=”thumb”]Best for affordability[amazon fields=”B074H732CB” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B074H732CB” value=”button”]
4[amazon link=”B074J5TWYL” /][amazon fields=”B074J5TWYL” value=”thumb”]Best for strong-tasting teas[amazon fields=”B074J5TWYL” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B074J5TWYL” value=”button”]
5[amazon link=”B074HCYKZD” /][amazon fields=”B074HCYKZD” value=”thumb”]Best for delightful flavors[amazon fields=”B074HCYKZD” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B074HCYKZD” value=”button”]

Here are our top 5 recommendations:

Best for containing enough antioxidants: [amazon link=”B074J7QCCC” title=”Organic Green Tea 365 By Whole Foods Market” /]

Best for offering no artificial flavors: [amazon link=”B074HBQZXT” title=”Organic Green Tea With Lemon Myrtle Decaf 365 By Whole Foods Market” /]

Best for affordability: [amazon link=”B074H732CB” title=”Organic Peppermint Tea 365 by Whole Foods Market” /]

Best for strong-tasting teas: [amazon link=”B074J5TWYL” title=”Organic Black Tea 365 by Whole Foods Market” /]

Best for delightful flavors: [amazon link=”B074HCYKZD” title=”Organic Tea Rooibos Orange Vanilla Creme 365 By Whole Foods Market ” /]

[amazon bestseller=”Tea Whole Foods” items=”20″ ]

The Best Tea Whole Foods In 2022

Organic Green Tea 365 By Whole Foods Market

[amazon box=”B074J7QCCC” ]

We are happy to have discovered this tea. We had never tried green tea before, so we weren’t sure what to expect. We’ve been on a health kick, and so we decided to give it a try. We loved it!! 

For your information, green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants. The added benefits from the Whole Foods Market 365 Select Ingredients are sure to keep you energized throughout the day. 

The tea is delivered in a green tea bottle with only four ounces. We are sure you will get the full benefits by drinking one cup in the morning and another late afternoon. The taste and smell are lovely. It makes a beautiful gift for someone who enjoys tea.

Overall, this tea tastes great and contains more than enough antioxidants for your daily health needs. Therefore, it surely will not disappoint you!


– Mild flavor

– Bags hold up well in the tea bottle

– Well-rounded, fresh, organic ingredients

– Affordable price

-Pure, rich taste with the full aroma


– Some customers hope that it will have a string

Organic Green Tea With Lemon Myrtle Decaf 365 By Whole Foods Market

[amazon box=”B074HBQZXT” ]

This product is fantastic! We have been searching for a quality decaf with no artificial flavors. It is by far the best decaf tea we have ever had.

We feel like everyone should drink green tea, We’re convinced it’s one of the healthiest drinks you can drink, and you can take it with you anywhere. This organic green tea is delicious for you; it is refreshing and is reasonable just on its own.

We immediately fell in love with its flavor and texture when we first tried the tea. It is a healthy blend that tastes great and will give you the energy boost you need without the spike of caffeine.

Overall, this green tea has a mild, slightly sweet taste that many people like. Its refreshing flavor will appeal to many who dislike the bitterness of regular black tea.


– Fragrant and delicious with a hint of lemon

– Minimal packaging

– Reasonable price

– Offers healthy and well-being benefits


– Some customers complain it is not the most robust brew

Organic Peppermint Tea 365 by Whole Foods Market

[amazon box=”B074H732CB” ]

We have tried other peppermint teas in the past, and although we enjoyed them, we were never really sure whether we were drinking actual peppermint or a blend of different herbs and spices.

We were very excited to try the Peppermint Tea 365 by Whole Foods Market. It was easy to find, and the price was right. It made our iced tea and lemonade taste great. The flavor was not too strong, and it didn’t change the taste of our beverages.

Moreover, it is sweet enough to be enjoyed all day. We have always wanted peppermint tea, but our favorite organic peppermint tea is. It is always made fresh and has a delightful aftertaste. 

Overall, this quality peppermint tea by Whole Foods Market is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a delicious beverage that can help calm body and mind during the winter months.


– Flavorful

– Inexpensive

– This tea package lasts longer than the more expensive brand

– Caffein-free

– The lack of stings will make it easier to compose


– None

Organic Black Tea 365 by Whole Foods Market

[amazon box=”B074J5TWYL” ]

This tea is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a high-quality but reasonably priced tea. The sweet pea and fruit flavors are delicious, and the antioxidants promote healthy digestive function.

This Organic Black Tea is a pleasant surprise and welcome addition to our cupboard. We usually carry loose-leaf teas because they are more convenient, especially when commuting. However, when we need an immediate pick-me-up, we grab this tea.

Generally, this tea is one of the few black teas we’ve found that tastes like tea. We have yet to find an organic tea that tastes like tea.

It has a strong taste, which isn’t too strong but has a strong flavor. It’s great for people who like strong-tasting teas.

Overall, this Organic Black Tea is perfect for anyone looking for a healthy way to relax at the end of a stressful day or make a healthy snack. The tea is made from the highest quality ingredients without preservatives or artificial flavors and is caffeine-free.


– Sealed bag for freshness

– Fresh, organic ingredients

– Perfect for iced tea

– Excellent taste


– The packaging is less convenient for some people

Organic Tea Rooibos Orange Vanilla Creme 365 By Whole Foods Market 

[amazon box=”B074HCYKZD” ]

This tea is delicious and better than expected! We wish it had been around when we were a child because we would have adored tea much more than our little sister did!

We love this tea! It is delicious and has a delightful flavor. We usually drink it with a little bit of honey and milk, but this tea would be great with or without those additions. 

We especially like it because there is no caffeine, so we do not feel jittery after drinking it. The sweet aftertaste is also a plus. We love the scent of this tea, and it is so easy to make. Add boiling water, let it brew for about two minutes, then pour over ice and enjoy!

Overall, this Organic Tea Rooibos Orange Vanilla Crème Herbal Tea is the best organic beverage we have ever had, anywhere. Therefore, if you like the product, feel free to buy it immediately!


– Intense orange-vanilla, light flavor

– Caffein-free

– Tasty

– Wrap ten bags separately so you don’t have to worry it will go stale

– Blends well with other flavors


– The customers wish it was stronger

Allegro Organic Lemon Ginger Tulsi Tea

[amazon box=”B0756PS36D” ]

We were excited to try this tea. On the appearance, it has a very different combination of color, while the aroma is very fresh, similar to a ginger and lemon juice combination. 

The flavor of this tea is robust and bright. This organic tea is an ideal beverage for people seeking herbal tea that is great for their health yet has the pleasant taste that will keep them coming back for more.

You should know that it tastes exactly like the popular lemon ginger tea sold in all the stores—the ginger and lemon flavors complement each other so well. The tulsi herb, a type of basil, adds a pleasant, earthy background.

Moreover, the product is organic, always better than non-organic products. So by drinking this, you’re not only helping yourself but also the earth.

Overall, this organic tulsi tea is a delicious beverage that we highly recommend to those who want an organic herbal alternative to the traditional teas we consume daily.


– Soothing and will help you relax from stress

– Pleasant yet sweet and flowery taste

– Excellent-quality product

– Aromatic, not too strong smell


– The flavor is a little bit mild

Calendula Flowers Tea

[amazon box=”B07HR27NQ1″ ]

This tea is excellent for cooling, calming, and relaxing during the hot summer months. Therefore, it tastes great and tastes just like the real thing! It’s a natural immune booster, especially during the cold and flu season.

For your information, Calendula is considered an herb that relieves pain and fever, burns off skin “itchiness,” and is used by herbalists as a natural remedy for pimples and boils.

That’s why Calendula Flowers Tea is a bright, delicious herbal tea that can be brewed as either a hot tea (100-120 degrees Fahrenheit) or a cold tea (40-90 degrees Fahrenheit).

The bright orange color of this tea makes it easy to tell from other black or white teas without a taste test. The flavor is herbal but not as mild as typical Calendula petals. There is a subtle nutty flavor. 


– Helps with insomnia 

– Smooth and refreshing flavor

– High-quality tea product


– Some customers complain that the bags are not sealed

Allegro Organic Happy Tummy Tea Bags

[amazon box=”B008VFZ1YG” ]

This herbal tea is refreshing and perfect for looking for a healthy way to start the day. Also, it is ideal for those looking for an alternative to the addictive rush of caffeine.

We loved this calendula tea as a sample when we first received it! When we tried, we were surprised at how different it was from other teas we’ve tried. The taste was a bit more earthy and minty than we expected.

For your information, it contains a wide variety of healing and detoxifying herbs, including chamomile, peppermint, and hops. That’s why we tell you that it is a must for anyone who loves the taste of chamomile.

Moreover, it is perfect for anyone who needs something to stimulate the taste buds and get your appetite going. It is a great pick-me-up in the morning or when you need something to shake up a dreary day.


– Helpful for people with digestive issues

– The flavor is not too overwhelming

– Soothing aroma

– Reasonable price


– The bags are relatively thin

Traditional Medicinals Organic Tea

[amazon box=”B007IW25FQ” ]

Recently we read about how valerian tea benefits people who have insomnia. Therefore, we decided to buy a bottle at the grocer, and it’s been great. 

This tea can help you sleep better because it’s filled with lavender, chamomile, passionflower, passion fruit, valerian root, lemon balm, lavender, hop, and chamomile.

That’s why it is perfect for helping you fall asleep. The relaxing scent will make it easier to drift off and feel more relaxed, stress-free, and refreshed in the morning.

While it may not be the most robust tea for its intended purpose, this tea does live up to its claim as a sleep aid. It certainly reduces the amount of time you need to sleep without any herbal after-effects such as morning grogginess or sleepiness.


– Helps you sleep through the night

– Tastes pleasant

– Feels friendly and relaxed


– Some customers complain it may be too mild

Taylors of Harrogate Scottish Breakfast Teabags

[amazon box=”B000MN6Y46″ ]

Taylors of Harrogate is an excellent brand with a fantastic selection of delicious, high-quality teas. They all come with their unique flavor profile, and they are all delicious. 

This is a beautiful blend with a rich, full, lasting flavor. It is a fine black tea with a subtle flavor and aroma. Therefore, it is perfect for those looking for a full-bodied, no-nonsense type of tea.

It has 2.5 grams of tea and is very tasty and relaxing; therefore, it is terrific in the morning or any time of day. All-day long, it will keep you going, no matter how rough the day.

Generally, this product is an excellent choice for those who want to add an extra dose of antioxidants to their morning coffee or tea. 


– Light, smooth tea to savor

– Rich and smoky flavor

– Slightly sweet

– Affordable


– The teabags are not packed individually

Lavender Flowers Tea

[amazon box=”B07D7HPJF8″ ]

We ordered this lavender flowers tea along with the shirt above and were highly impressed with the number of individual lavender flowers that came in the box. It was phenomenal, and the smell permeated through all our stuff for days afterward.

Being a massive fan of lavender, we were delighted to see this tea in the list of ingredients. A quick search online led me to the Lavender Flowers brand, a customer favorite for its unique flavors and delightful aroma.

For your information, lavender blossoms are considered a symbol of tranquility and rejuvenation; the flower’s scent is fresh and invigorating. The tea taste is not overwhelming but has a natural sweetness.

In general, if you are into the aroma of lavender, don’t hesitate to grab the tea right away! It will surely not disappoint you!


– Great value for the price

– Vibrant flower buds

– Smells excellent and fresh

– Amazing taste


– It is not the vibrant purple like the picture

Numi Organic Tea Rooibos Chai

[amazon box=”B000LWCR26″ ]

This tea is the perfect balance of subtle, complex spices. The lavender flowers in the tea add a refreshing scent and a touch of sweetness. The chai flavor isn’t spicy, but the spices linger in the aftertaste.

That’s why it is perfect for anyone looking for a mild, soothing tasting chamomile tea. The tea has a sweet and light taste and can complement a meal or serve as a pre-dinner tea.

You can brew your tea in a real teapot or remove the tea bags and use them for loose-leaf infusions. 

Generally, The Lavender Flowers tea has a delicate floral taste to please anyone who enjoys a light, refreshing drink. The scent and taste of lavender are subtle and delightful.


– Organic

– Offers rich, velvety, earthy flavor

– Pairs well with desserts

– Fresh


– The bag is relatively big for stacking in the cupboard

Hibiscus Tea

[amazon box=”B01KKJIKJ8″ ]

This hibiscus tea is a perfect beverage choice for anyone with a sweet tooth or enjoys drinks with fruit flavors. The tea has a fruity flavor that is not overly sweet. The tea contains only three ingredients: hibiscus flower, lemongrass, and fresh ginger.

You should know that US Wellness Naturals drink tea’s numerous benefits; however, the color of the tea comes to mind when thinking of this product. Hibiscus tea is a great way to wake up in the morning and give you some extra energy.

Generally, this tea is fragrant and could quickly become a staple if you prefer something a little more mellow.


– Resealable packaging

– Well-priced

– Robust smell

– Brightly-colored flowers


– Not too intense for some people

Allegro Organic Decaf Green Tea Bags

[amazon box=”B004TYC592″ ]

For your information, it is a beautiful Christmas present for those who enjoy green tea. I purchased a gift set which included a box of decaffeinated and unsweetened tea. These are both excellent teas that are exceptionally flavorful and refreshing.

We tried Allegro’s organic decaf green tea bags, and we loved them! We are a big fan of decaf teas, and this is the first decaf tea we’ve tried that tastes as good as regular, caffeinated teas.

In addition to the pure taste of Decaf Green tea, we do not doubt that this tea has many health benefits. It contains large amounts of antioxidants and has been shown to fight cancer and heart disease.


– Phenomenal, smooth taste

– Perfect for everyone

– Fast delivery


– None

Yogi Tea Herbal Stress Relief

[amazon box=”B007M8FRV0″ ]

This tea is an excellent choice for those who suffer from anxiety or need to reduce stress. This tea is a yummy blend of flowers and lavender, with a hint of lemon to make it refreshing.

We just love this tea! We have always had difficulty relaxing, especially on nights before exams. We love that we can drink this tea and feel more relaxed. We have also used it in cooking several recipes, and it has always been successful.

This tea has a rich, almost bitter flavor and an entire, medium body. Generally, it is an excellent tea for the caffeine lover and for those who want a refreshing cup to start their day.


– Delicious tea

– Helps you calm down

– Calming and aromatic texture


– None

The Different Types Of Best Tea Whole Foods

Best tea whole foods can be found in many different varieties. There are black teas, green teas, and oolong teas. Each type of tea has its unique flavor and health benefits.

Black Tea

best tea whole foods

Black tea is the most popular type of tea in the world. It is made from fermented leaves and has a strong flavor. It is a better choice for healthy drinks. 

One cup of black tea has around 50 to 80 milligrams of caffeine. That is a small amount of caffeine, but it can still boost metabolism.

Green Tea

best tea whole foods

Green tea is not as popular as black tea, but it has many health benefits. Green tea is made from unfermented leaves and has a light flavor, containing more nutrients than other teas.

It is low in caffeine and contains antioxidants that may help prevent cancer and improve your eyesight. It also includes a chemical that may help fight arthritis.

Chamomile Tea

best tea whole foods

Chamomile tea is made from the dried flowers of the chamomile plant. It contains chamomile’s calming properties to help with the nerves and nervous system. It also has a sweet flavor.

Dandelion Tea

best tea whole foods

Dandelion tea has been used for thousands of years to cure many ailments. It is said to relieve inflammation, itching, and problems with the liver. It has a mild flavor and can be brewed several times for stronger tea.

Oolong Tea

best tea whole foods

Oolong tea is a mixture of green and black teas and has an earthy flavor. Therefore, it is brewed longer than green tea but less than black tea.

It is still a very healthy tea. It contains less caffeine than black and green teas, which may help protect your heart from high blood pressure and keep you healthy overall.

The Health Benefits Of Best Tea Whole Foods

Tea is a beverage that people around the world have enjoyed for centuries. It is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and can be consumed hot or cold. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, tea has many health benefits.

Prevent Cancers

best tea whole foods

There are several types of cancer. Some are more likely to develop in men than women and those who drink a lot of alcohol. 

However, drinking green tea or black tea regularly may help protect against these cancers. Green tea is especially effective in reducing the uterus, kidney, and esophagus cancer risk.

Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

best tea whole foods

The benefits of drinking tea may result from its effects on cholesterol. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, tea contains compounds that can help lower cholesterol levels and may also reduce your risk of stroke.

Herbal teas, such as rooibos tea, have also been shown to lower cholesterol. Moreover, drinking black tea may be an effective way to prevent heart disease.

Helpful For Digestive Health

best tea whole foods

You may want to drink tea before eating because it contains polyphenols, antioxidants and may help improve your digestive health.

Researchers have found that catechin (green tea extract) called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) inhibits the growth of the H. pylori bacterium in your stomach. This pathogen may contribute to stomach inflammation, leading to ulcers and chronic stomach pain.

EGCG also reduces inflammation of the stomach lining, caused by a poor diet or overeating, or side effects of chemotherapy. The more EGCG you consume, the more likely it will relieve your symptoms.

Helpful For Diabetes

best tea whole foods

Green tea might improve blood sugar levels, lower insulin resistance, and help prevent new cases of type 2 diabetes.

Some research suggests that green tea polyphenols prevent the activity of enzymes that increase the body’s production of glucose, which can be beneficial for people with diabetes who want to lower their glucose levels.

Brewing Tea Tips

best tea whole foods

Brewing tea is an easy process. Add one teaspoon of loose tea leaves to a cup. Bring water to a boil and pour over tea leaves. Allow the tea to steep for 3-5 minutes. Stir and enjoy!

This process is easy, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you get the most out of your tea. Here are some tips:

– Use fresh, cold water

– Use a teapot or teacup that is specifically for tea

– Use the correct amount of tea

– Steep for the correct amount of time

– Serve with milk and sugar, if desired

– Only use high-quality tea

How To Choose Best Tea Products For You?

There are many options available on the market when it comes to tea. How do you know which tea is best for you? The following tips can help you choose the best tea products for your needs.

Taste Preferences

best tea whole foods

When choosing a product, it is essential to consider your taste preferences. Some people prefer sweet products, while others prefer salty or savory products.

It is also essential to consider the texture of the product. Some people prefer crunchy products, while others prefer creamy or smooth products. Your tea should taste great and have the right texture.

Also, you can choose the flavors that you want. For example, some people prefer bold flavors, while others prefer milder products.


best tea whole foods

Here’s another essential part of tea. Some people enjoy the aroma of their tea, while others do not. You should decide what you want your tea to smell like. 

Some people prefer the aroma of blueberry or apple. If you do not like these flavors, consider choosing different ones.

To be honest, you should taste the product before you purchase it. Take a small sip and decide if you want to keep the tea. It is a great idea to ask the store associate to smell the tea. They will tell you if it has an awful aroma or a good one.


best tea whole foods

This is the last point to consider. When shopping for tea, you should check the package’s color. If you want something dark and greenish, you should look for a tea labeled that way.

Remember that not all teas are dark and greenish, so check the color before purchasing. Some people like white tea. Others are fine with the basic teas sold in most grocery stores.


best tea whole foods

The size of the tea is also essential. You can buy small bottles of tea or large ones. As a general rule, the smaller teas tend to cost less.

Be sure to ask what the typical size of a tea is. Some teas are tiny. Others are substantial. Remember, this is just a guideline, so you should always ask your tea-seller or check on the Internet what the typical size of a tea is.

Percentage Of Caffeine

best tea whole foods

Another factor that is important to consider is the percentage of caffeine. While most people prefer low or medium concentrations of caffeine, others enjoy a high concentration of caffeine. High concentrations of caffeine tend to cost more.

Caffeine concentrations also depend on the type of tea. Black teas have a high concentration of caffeine, whereas green teas have a low concentration of caffeine.

The best way to get suitable caffeine is to read the tea label. But don’t forget to ask your tea-seller what the percentage of caffeine is.

This is important because some teas are higher than others. Also, if you order a tea that is larger or of a different size than the standard size, you can ask your tea-seller if this is a high concentration tea.

The Health Benefits It Brings

Second, consider the benefits of the different types of tea. For example, green tea is known for its antioxidant properties, while black tea is known for its caffeine content. It is believed that antioxidants and caffeine in tea together make tea healthy.

If you are a first-time buyer, this could be the one for you:

FAQs About Best Tea Whole Foods

– What are the benefits of herbal tea vs. just eating the herbs?

Herbal teas are healthier and richer than simply eating the herbs. You can enjoy this taste in your everyday life and still make tea healthier. They are helpful for the stomach, liver, heart, and overall health.

– What are the best types of herbal teas?

best tea whole foods

While there are more than 20 kinds of herbs in herbal tea, here are the top 3: Pineapple herb tea for boosting metabolism, turmeric herb tea for liver cleanse, mint herb tea for immune system boost.

– Why do people shop for tea at Whole Foods?

Since the marketing for Whole Foods is to be healthier, it makes sense that they carry more nutritional and better quality ingredients such as organic tea from India.

Also, they carry some of the best (and sometimes premium) flavors in tea, such as peach and blueberry. More often. Therefore, customers tend to buy tea products at this retailer.

– Can I trust Whole Foods tea to be non-GMO?

best tea whole foods

Whole Foods Tea’s Pure Leaf brand products are certified organic and non-GMO. So you can relax and be sure that the tea you buy from Whole Foods is free of GMO ingredients. 

It is also good to note that it costs more since the Whole Foods tea isn’t as widely sold and is a specialty item.

Conclusions About Best Tea Whole Foods

Best Tea Whole Foods is a great place to buy tea. They have a wide variety of teas, and they are all high quality. Plus, they carry a wide range of brands, types, and flavors. It is a place you can visit again and again.

NoNameImageBest ForRatingDetails
1[amazon link=”B074J7QCCC” /][amazon fields=”B074J7QCCC” value=”thumb”]Best for containing enough antioxidants[amazon fields=”B074J7QCCC” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B074J7QCCC” value=”button”]
2[amazon link=”B074HBQZXT” /][amazon fields=”B074HBQZXT” value=”thumb”]Best for offering no artificial flavors[amazon fields=”B074HBQZXT” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B074HBQZXT” value=”button”]
3[amazon link=”B074H732CB” /][amazon fields=”B074H732CB” value=”thumb”]Best for affordability[amazon fields=”B074H732CB” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B074H732CB” value=”button”]
4[amazon link=”B074J5TWYL” /][amazon fields=”B074J5TWYL” value=”thumb”]Best for strong-tasting teas[amazon fields=”B074J5TWYL” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B074J5TWYL” value=”button”]
5[amazon link=”B074HCYKZD” /][amazon fields=”B074HCYKZD” value=”thumb”]Best for delightful flavors[amazon fields=”B074HCYKZD” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B074HCYKZD” value=”button”]

Best Tea Whole Foods is a great place to go if you are looking for premium teas and are willing to pay a little more. But if you are looking for a reasonable price and wide variety, you can try another store. However, the flavors and brands they carry are great.

Plus, you are sure to get something that suits your taste buds. In short, this is a great place to go if you are looking for quality and want to treat yourself or a loved one.

If you want to buy any of our products, don’t hesitate to grab them right away. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the result.  Here is our best pick: [amazon box=”B074J7QCCC” ]

Now, sadly, we’ve come to the end of the article. Thank you for staying with us till the end of it. Goodbye, and see you in our following reviews!

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