What a day that was. I have you here on this page

First, let me say this before we get started: It has been so great to hear from my visitors that the content on this blog is helpful! They tell me they want it alive and well. Of course, running a website costs time and money. I am looking for donors and sponsors who want to have a brand association with my site. I will have a profit to re-invest in Littleanitas.Com in order to keep it updated long-term. It’s a win/win strategy all around – what do you think?

We all know how frustrating it can be to wait for an edit or a new post after putting in hours of work. Finally, you’re so close, but then your article is pushed back again because there are still some last-minute tweaks needed… Well, now GP authors don’t have this problem. The easiest and fastest way to publish your blog posts is by adding a link directly from one of my existing articles. By submitting my updated version to Google, I will ensure that your link is quickly indexed and ranks higher on the search engines. Here are 2 options:

1. Link from the Contributors’ Section on My Homepage:

With your donation of at least 30$, you will be on my first page! Please email [email protected] if you are interested in receiving updates about this project.

<!> Note: This is a Contributors’ Section, so I only accept Homepage Link. The minimum donation is non-negotiable.

2. In-content Link:

This is the perfect type of link for webmasters. You can search through my blog and find an appropriate anchor text to use on any specific URLs you want, as well anyone who donates at least $$$ will be able to pick their words from this extensive collection.

Please contact me if you have any further questions or concerns about this matter at [email protected]

3. Sponsor Post:

Do you have a job for me? I’m happy to write the article you need! The topic should match what’s listed in my Guest Post Submission Guideline.

We’ll keep in touch when the article is done, and we can discuss some linkable anchor texts that will work for you. You’re free to use my choice if it’s not what feels right, but I think they’d be perfect!

The price is negotiable.

What are you waiting for? Get your link today and start building up an audience of future readers who will be interested in what they see on this blog.

Have a lovely day!

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