Going Classic With Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic kitchen cabinets have become one of the popular kitchen styles, which are mostly chosen by people who desire a country-style home. The characteristic of the rustic kitchen can be seen from the furniture formation displayed in it, including the cabinetry.

As the heart of the house, the kitchen must be an important area in every living space. It is because of its function that the owners get their food almost anytime every day. The kitchen itself may appear elegantly in numerous interior decor.

Generally, the cabinetry in the rustic kitchen has a pastel tone with untidy painting application on the wood surface. That’s why it looks old-fashioned.

rustic kitchen cabinets

White Colors Kitchen Cabinets

Those who want to have a clean-heart house can choose the white kitchen style. These white rustic kitchen cabinets simply integrate a mini L-shaped style. A tiny dining table is purposely connected to the main L-shaped kitchen cabinet.

This dining table is completed with two stools hidden under the table. The L-shaped base cabinet consists of a wide double-sink with a curved faucet installed in front of a big window.

White brick tiles on the backsplash make this classic kitchen set brighter and cleaner. On the other hand, a soothing wooden counter offers a more inviting nuance in this open kitchen.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Cabinet

rustic kitchen cabinets

Pale light grey with a little green accent is chosen as the base color over the rustic kitchen cabinets. This rustic industrial kitchen looks airy from the living room near it. A big kitchen island is placed between the kitchen itself and the living room.

With some drawers and open shelves, this island can be a large space for preparation. Some metallic cone pendants are hanging along the island for illumination.

On the other side of the kitchen part, base and wall cabinets with blank backsplash are available, with a sink and stove. Some cupboards are also ready for additional storage.

Gray Color Kitchen Cabinets

The more neutral-toned kitchen is gray. This time, the whole kitchen cabinets are painted gray since the kitchen is decorated in rustic style; no wonder that most cabinets are painted with dark and light gradation to create the old-fashioned accent on the cabinets.

rustic kitchen cabinets

With old fashioned gray kitchen, the marble top looks exclusively displayed in these rustic kitchen cabinets. Three small chandeliers also look expensive hanging above the kitchen formation.

Look at the artistically tiled backsplash of the stove. It gives an extra classic accent to this kitchen. To decorate the kitchen in a classic way, some fake greenery, fruits, and veggies are displayed on the top of the wall cabinet.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The lovely farmhouse kitchen appears gloriously full of wood. A reclaimed wood frame decorates the entire ceiling of the kitchen, showing white painted parts for a cleaner look.

The entire floor comes in wood, as well as the pocket door panels, which connect this open kitchen with other modern rooms. This kitchen is certainly designed in farmhouse style.

It is actually different from other rooms in this house, which is purposely decorated in a super modern style. Rustic kitchen cabinets are not painted in any color to bring you back to the past, where a countryside house was seen. A big wooden island is combined with a counter for dining.

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

rustic kitchen cabinets

Who says that distressed kitchen cabinets are dumb? Well, this old-fashioned cabinet concept even gives a super exclusive look to every kitchen in the world. This wide L-shaped kitchen has a huge square island in the middle with double sinks installed on a granite top.

The clean tiled backsplash is displayed over the kitchen wall. Those tiled backsplashes are grey to match the stainless steel cooking ware.

Three pendants and patented lamps are enough to make this kitchen bright. During the day, this kitchen also looks bright naturally, with sunlight coming from two windows with no shade covering.

Steampunk Kitchen Design

Today, we are allowed to create any kind of kitchen for our living space as fun as we can. There is a super uncommon kitchen style, namely steampunk kitchen design. This kitchen displays amazing rusted cabinet detail to bring such an old detail inside the kitchen.

The whole kitchen cabinets appear in dirty look as if those cabinets have ever burned. Nonetheless, those kitchen cabinets are completely new products with black granite tops and brand-new dishwashers, sinks, and stoves.

The colorful tiled backsplash looks very contrasting with the rusted cabinets. Yet, at the same time, it gives an amazing touch of uniqueness to these rustic kitchen cabinets.

rustic kitchen cabinets

Parisian Patisserie Style Cabinets

Sapphire-painted Parisian Patisserie-style cabinets look fresh in this countryside theme kitchen. The sapphire tone covers the classic cabinet elegantly with a little splash of old-fashioned concept to match the wood and stone detail found in this kitchen.

A sleek wooden floor makes this green countryside theme kitchen warmer. The reclaimed log is installed on the white ceiling to half part of the backsplash. On certain parts of the cooking area, white ceramic tiles in a diamond arrangement are displayed.

On another side of the kitchen wall, the masonry stone wall dominates in gold and white gradation.

Log Cabin Red Kitchen Cabinets

The warmer log cabin kitchen interior looks bright, with a small checkers window installed between the wall cabinets. There is a back door located on the left corner near the kitchen with glass on the upper door panel.

With the wooden wall in the kitchen, the door panel is painted in a butter scheme. This sunny butter wooden wall is lighter than the brown wooden floor and rustic cabinet formation.

Floor-to-ceiling cupboard, wall, and base kitchen cabinets are intentionally painted in red ruby with little black detail spreading on certain parts. This reddish cabinet looks suitable among the modern cooking ware and white sink.

rustic kitchen cabinets

Winchester Square Door Style in Cellar Kitchen

The wine cellar is a basement room in a house which mostly dominated by dark wood surfaces. Some barrels may be found in the cellar, where people select them as decorative items among the wine racks.

This time, the wood surface appears in the cellar kitchen. With the Winchester square door style, the wall and base cabinets are installed to optimize the space. There is no empty nook in this kitchen except a square window with no blind in the sink area.

The original wood detail is displayed without any paint over the cabinets. Golden granite covers the backsplash area and top of the cabinet to match the cabinet.

Rustic Maple Cabinets

A big kitchen painted in butter looks spacious and bright with some windows attached to the wall. Generally, this kitchen has a complicated shape with some nooks in the corner. Yet, the owner seems to be successfully optimizing the whole room with those custom floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets.

Brown wooden cabinets are designed purposely to fit the uniquely shaped kitchen. Some cabinets are manufactured in custom to give fit space for big fridges, stoves and smokestacks in the cooking area.

A big kitchen island is placed in the room center with an inner sink and curved faucet as cleaning spots. Elegant black material covers the counter.

rustic kitchen cabinets

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Another classic kitchen comes in narrowed style. This kitchen is basically designed with a fresh turquoise color theme over the wooden kitchen cabinets.

With the triple level of the wall cabinet, a modern cooking area looks very elegant. Grey and white tiled backsplash even offers a cleaner accent to this kitchen, especially with the clean white counter surface appearance.

An island with a small stainless steel sink is placed in the center in front of the cooking area. There is no open shelf featured on the cabinets. All of the cabinets are designed with doors to hide the mess. A ball pendant looks perfect to enlighten this preparation area.

Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets

In peninsula style, these classic light grey kitchen cabinets look luxurious in a super wide house. Well, it is true because this small kitchen only uses a little part of the wide room.

With only a wall side filled elegantly with a custom cabinet formation, this semi-parallel kitchen concept offers a spacious workspace that can be accessed from any side. The multi-sink area is installed on the long kitchen island countertop.

rustic kitchen cabinets

There are no chairs added surrounding the countertop. Nonetheless, this workspace has a big function in which the user can make some dishes at once without finding any moving problems in the process.

Rustic Hickory Cabinets

Talking about L shaped kitchen idea, this rustic hickory kitchen offers attractive nuance in cooking experiments. The room truly looks simple, with none of too much detail on the wall, ceiling, or cabinets.

Maple kitchen cabinets are arranged in a neat formation, especially to cover every nook on the wall. Brown tiles are installed on the backsplash of the kitchen to match the wooden scheme of this kitchen.

Grey brick-styled flooring looks clean and artistic at the same time. Although this kitchen uses dark metal appliances, it doesn’t stop this kitchen from being exclusive. For illumination, a small pendant is hanging above the sink with a window on the wall. 

Little Barn Wood Kitchen Cabinets

rustic kitchen cabinets

A kitchen cabinet is a kind of essential furniture found in the kitchen. As storage furniture, the cabinet may be designed in a certain concept so that it gives a spacious area for storing any utensils or cooking ware.

Little barn wood kitchen cabinets appear in the stylish concept of a farmhouse kitchen. It offers more open space for storage in different sizes and levels. When it comes to unexposed storage, it involves a chic barn wood cabinet door with X-framed detail on the door panel.

Some small wooden knobs are installed on each storage part to give easy access to the storage area.

Fixture and Furnishing of the Kitchen

Creating a fixture and furnishing a kitchen is not that hard. Enough space and a good kitchen layout are two items we need in this case. The kitchen itself doesn’t have to be so big or crowded with things.

Let it flow and be airy so that the workspace becomes more efficient. If there is one wall in the kitchen, arranging the cabinets and countertop in a peninsula style will be effective.

The peninsula fixture kitchen allows an island to be used as a free-standing workspace that can be accessed from any side. In addition, the kitchen island may be used for triple functions such as storage, workspace, and dining space.

rustic kitchen cabinets

Reclaimed Oak Cabinetry

In straight type, the reclaimed oak cabinetry may become an ideal kitchen area. This kitchen is not wide enough to provide connected dining space for the entire family. Nonetheless, it still gives enough workspace with a perfect kitchen layout formation.

An Eye-catching reclaimed oak frame is purposely installed on the center wall with a spacious brick backsplash and an open shelf for displaying ornament. Some decorative plates are arranged on the brick backsplash as a focal point where the cooktops are installed in this area.

Numerous drawers are manufactured on the base cabinets for storage needs. Bigger space for storage is also found on both sides of the reclaimed frame.

Tuscan Kitchen Ideas

The current kitchen style appears with the elegance of Tuscan kitchen cabinets. Polished cabinets are exclusively crafted with classic detail, especially on the cabinet door and smokestack facade.

More curved details are displayed crystal clear over each part of the kitchen cabinet. In an L-shaped style, this Tuscan kitchen looks spacious enough with an island. Besides providing more storage space, this kitchen also offers spacious cooktops and a cleaning area on the island.

Classic A-line ceiling makes this kitchen super classic, though some appliances are modern enough to be mentioned in classic style.

rustic kitchen cabinets

Red Kitchen Ideas

A stunning kitchen in red can improve your desire for cooking. These rustic kitchen cabinets look simple in a straight layout, yet amazing at the same time with those red cabinets. A quite wide glass window with chic raffled lining on the top makes natural sunlight come through with no obstacle.

That’s why this red kitchen looks bright during the day. The white granite countertop offers a cleaner look over the red-painted base cabinets.

A white apron sink with a double basin is installed on the lower base cabinet, perfectly located in front of the window. The ceiling of the kitchen looks industrial, with a metal pipe attached in a certain track along the beams.

Brooklyn Brownstone Rustic Wood

Having a tiny kitchen and dining area will never stop anybody from being a creative person. Brooklyn brownstone backsplash with rustic wooden smokestack displayed on a mini straight kitchen looks attractive as a focal point in this sharing room.

Well, there is also a small marble round table placed with a couple of stools and a wooden bench for dining. Even the round table can be used as an additional workspace for the kitchen near it.

The black cabinet with a wooden counter looks minimalist, with no decorative items or utensils on it. Bronze cone-shaped wall lamps are installed on both sides of the smokestack to emphasize this kitchen focal point.

Deep Gray Kitchen Cabinet

rustic kitchen cabinets

Coming in a nice collaboration of western countryside and modern Japanese interior style, this peninsula kitchen layout looks extraordinary. A basic wooden kitchen island is placed on an area without a wall as a workspace, cleaning spot, and dining area with five unique stools.

Three metallic pendants are hanging to follow the length of the kitchen island. On the other side, where the wall is available, a set of dark grey cabinets is installed with the stunning grey gradation of backsplash.

A classic smokestack is installed in the center with cooktops under it. The huge fridge is found on the left side combined with a wall cabinet above it.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets for a Bright Interior

Integrating dark kitchen cabinets will never allow you to have a dark and mellow kitchen. Since you know the important points of decorating a dream kitchen, you will find the reality that combining a dark scheme with a bright kitchen will create such an awesome workspace in the house. Let the whole room be painted white.

The soothing floor can be dominated by a birch floor. And then place some dark cabinets with bright stone tops to merge the gradation. No detail on the ceiling makes the upper part of the kitchen larger and airier. Then, put some stools for dining on the island.

rustic kitchen cabinets

L Shaped Kitchen Cabinets

Utilizing a corner area for the kitchen is a nice choice to optimize the living space. An L-shaped kitchen layout will work efficiently for this type of kitchen space. Putting a small island as a countertop in the center area gives extra workspace to access.

We can use this island for food preparation and storage. The L-shaped wooden cabinets may be divided into two parts. One is for the cooktop area, while another one is for the cleaning area with under mount sink.

Two kinds of illumination are involved inside this kitchen. Those are pendants and patented ceiling lamps.

Tiny Rustic Kitchen with Coarsely Cabinet Door

Tiny rustic kitchen cabinets designed with custom L-shaped look smart enough for your small cabin house. With a higher ceiling, the custom wooden cabinet will provide more space for storage. Let this cabinet open and transparent with the coarse door.

Thus, it will ease everybody to get needed utensils and materials as fast as possible when they are in this tiny kitchen.

rustic kitchen cabinets

A small dark under mount sink is installed near the arched window. A Unique leveled wooden board is displayed on the backsplash to give such an artistic touch to this rough cabin kitchen.

Maple Kitchen Cabinets

A big kitchen painted in butter looks spacious and bright with some windows attached to the wall. Generally, this kitchen has a complicated shape with some nooks in the corner.

Yet, the owner seems to be successfully optimizing the whole room with those custom floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets. Brown wooden cabinets are designed purposely to fit the uniquely shaped kitchen.

Some cabinets are manufactured in custom to give fit space for big fridges, stoves and smokestacks in the cooking area. A big kitchen island is placed in the room center with an inner sink and curved faucet as cleaning spots. Elegant black material covers the counter.

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet

An open cottage kitchen with unique logs dominating the A-line ceiling looks very chic. Since the ceiling is extremely high, this wide L-shaped kitchen becomes more spacious and airy.

And to keep this kitchen bright, there is only a few wall cabinet installed, especially on the corner. There are no more cabinets covering the white wall to allow windows to do the main job of ventilation.

A big wooden island is located in the middle with a sink and workspace with two black chairs for dining. Another cleaning spot involves an apron sink. This sink is located near the windows.