Little Anita's New Mexican Food Original Location

Named after the founder’s mother, and based on family recipes handed down for generations, Little Anita’s is an Albuquerque institution. Our iconic flagship restaurant, in the heart of Old Town, is beloved by locals and a must-visit for any tourist. You haven’t been to Albuquerque if you haven’t eaten at Little Anita’s.NM Food Old Town Location Albuquerque Little Anita's

Our menu hasn’t changed much in the last four decades, and we’re proud of it. In a fast-moving world, our restaurants are an oasis of tradition and sentimental cooking. When it comes to our signature dishes, we like to keep things simple. We believe in the purity of our ingredients and keep a clean flavor profile. You won’t find your food overloaded with seasoning and your taste buds won’t be overwhelmed with spiciness. Our chile tastes like chile.

Little Anita's Old Town SignYou know a Mexican restaurant by its chips and salsa. Have a seat, take a few bites and find out why so many regulars say, “you had me at chips and salsa.” Yes, it’s that good. We prepare and serve all the classics: tacos, carnitas, tostadas, enchiladas, Spanish rice, carne adovada, chimichanga, enchiladas, chile rellenos, asada, taquitos and a lot more. Come dine with us and experience New Mexico in every bite.

If you live in Albuquerque, Little Anita’s is the place you go for holidays and celebrations. If it’s Easter or Mother’s Day, it’s breakfast at Little Anita’s. Sundays would not be Sundays without huevos rancheros, and after a long night of festivities nothing hits the spot quite like our posole or green chile stew. When you eat at Little Anita’s, you’re coming home.

Little Anita's Old Town Wall Art MuralWe didn’t invent breakfast, but we were the first in town to serve breakfast burritos back in the 1970s. We know breakfast. Our burritos are huge and phenomenally tasty, and still as sought after as the day we started making them.

In a hurry, try our carryout which is always hot and always fast. With nine locations in Albuquerque, you’re never more than fifteen minutes away from great New Mexican cuisine. We pride ourselves on our consistent quality. When you call us for carry out, you’re getting flavor you can trust.

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