Milwaukee’s Best Ice Alcohol Content: Everything You Need to Know In 2023

When scrolling into this article, we are sure you want to know about Milwaukee’s best ice alcohol content, a drink that has become especially popular in the US.

It’s often consumed in shots or mixed with lemonade for a refreshing summer cocktail. The drink can be found in liquor stores and supermarkets nationwide. However, there is controversy among what’s its accurate alcoholic content.

Not too many sources on the Internet provide you with sufficient information; therefore, it creates confusion and exhaustion among consumers in the path of trying to find the truth. Consequently, you may give up on this buying process.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that. We’ve written this article to provide you with accurate, complete pieces of information about this beer and your buying guide on how to choose a beer in general.

Firstly, we think it’s best to know some basic information about alcoholic content: their definitions, how to determine them, and your standard drink. We are sure that many of you will be surprised to know more about this.

Basic Information About Alcoholic Content


milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

The alcoholic content is the percentage of ethanol in a beverage. The higher the alcoholic content is, the more potent the drink becomes. This is what determines how drunk you will get from drinking it. 

Pure ethanol is classified as a liquor, while beer and wine have lower alcoholic contents. Beverages with an alcoholic content of more than 30% are considered hard liquor.

You will wonder, what’s the maximum alcoholic content in the US? According to our research, the full alcoholic content in the US is 50%. Therefore, any drink with an alcoholic content higher than 50% will not be sold in the US.

How To Determine Alcoholic Content?

The alcoholic content is measured using percentage by volume (ABV) in terms of unit. In other countries, such as Canada, it is the measured percentage by mass (% ABV).

The full alcoholic content for beer is 8% in the US, but it can be higher in some provinces. Wine can have an alcoholic content of up to 15% in the US and as high as 20% in other countries. 


milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

There are various ways to measure the alcoholic content of a beverage. The most common way is to use a hydrometer, which measures the density of the liquid. This method is based on the principle that alcohol is less dense than water.

A hydrometer is inserted into a beverage container. And the reading is taken at the liquid surface. The specific gravity is then converted to a percentage of alcohol by volume.


milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

Another standard method is to use a spectrophotometer. This device measures the amount of light that is absorbed by the beverage.

The more ethanol in the liquid, the less light will be absorbed. This method can also be used to measure the strength of distilled spirits.

Conversion Chart

milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

A third method for measuring alcohol content is to use a conversion chart. This chart lists the specific gravity and percent by volume of different beverage types, such as beer, wine, and distilled spirits.

A hydrometer or spectrophotometer reading can compare to this chart; therefore, you can determine the alcoholic strength of a given sample.

Some Notes

milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

Regardless of the method used, it is essential to consider the temperature of the liquid. Alcoholic content measurements are typically given at room temperature (20 degrees Celsius).

However, if the beverage has been chilled or heated, the actual alcoholic content may differ from the measured value. For example, a wine that is served chilled will have a higher alcoholic content than a wine served at room temperature.

Now, we turn to the crucial section of this part: to know about the standard drinks and ways to help you control the alcohol amount going inside your body.

Standard Drink

milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

There are various definitions of drink; however, beverage refers to taking liquids through the mouth to keep it simple.

There could be different drinks like water, milk, beer, wine. The standard drink is a unit of measurement used to measure the alcohol content in a beverage.

A standard drink is defined as either 14 grams or 8 milliliters of pure alcohol per drink. In the United States and Canada, a standard alcoholic drink consists of one 12-ounce can or bottle of regular beer or apple cider or two glasses of wine.

However, various factors affect how much alcohol is in a drink. For example, the percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV) in beer and wine can vary from beverage to beverage.

Standard drinks are used as a guideline to help people understand how much alcohol they are drinking. Knowing the standard drink size can also be helpful for those who are counting calories because alcoholic drinks can be high in calories.

It is important to remember that people metabolize alcohol differently, so the number of standard drinks a person can consume in a single sitting will vary.

Now, let’s head to the most crucial part of this article, can you guess? Of course, it is about Milwaukee’s Best Ice, from essential to specialized pieces of information you may need to make correct decisions.

Information About Milwaukee’s Best Ice Alcohol Content

History Of Milwaukee’s Best Ice Alcohol

milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

The history of Milwaukee’s Best Ice begins in 1849 with the founding of Marshall Brewing Company. The company was founded by German immigrant Conrad Seidl, who started by selling imported beer at the behest of his employer.

He later partnered with another German immigrant, Anthony Unertl, brewing European-style lager under Milwaukee Brewery.

Over its lifetime, the company became famous for its quality and developed a flagship brand called “Milwaukee’s Best.” 

Many years later, in 1988, the Boston Beer Company bought the rights to Milwaukee’s Best Ice. They set about expanding the brand’s distribution and increasing production.

By the early 1990s, Milwaukee’s Best Ice was being sold in all 50 states. The beer’s high alcohol content and affordability have made it a popular choice among American drinkers for many years.

The Milwaukee’s Best Ice’s Present

milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

Today, Milwaukee’s Best Ice is still brewed by the Boston Beer Company and remains one of the most popular ice beers in the United States.

Milwaukee’s Best Ice is a light, refreshing beer with a clean, crisp taste. It has a slightly sweet finish and is brewed with American hops for a distinctive flavor.

It is manufactured using 100% natural ingredients, and it contains 99 calories per 12 oz serving size.  Milwaukee’s Best Ice is available in both a regular and a light version, the latter of which has half the calories of the standard. 

Therefore, it is most commonly drunk by young adults because the light version of the product has half the calories of a regular beer. It is also very inexpensive relative to most beers, costing around two dollars per can.

It has a bitter taste that many people find enjoyable and is typically consumed quickly, with the intent of getting drunk quickly.

You must be surprised when knowing the development of Milwaukee’s Best Ice Alcohol, right? However, have you ever wondered why people fall in love with this beer type are? Let’s have a quick look.

The Milwaukee’s Best Ice’s Benefits

milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

Milwaukee’s Best Ice is a very affordable, low-calorie alcoholic beverage with great taste as regular beer. Therefore, it is the perfect drink for those who want to relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about the price.

It is made with the finest ingredients and has a smooth taste that everyone will love. The best part about this drink is that it only contains 1/3 of the calories of other beers and can be enjoyed at any time.

It also doesn’t have any carbs or sugars, making it easier to maintain your diet regimen while still enjoying yourself with friends!

To summarize, here are some of the benefits of drinking Milwaukee’s Best Ice in bullet points:

– A soothing and refreshing taste that everyone will enjoy

– A high-quality, affordable beverage for various occasions

– Suitable for drinkers of all kinds, from cheap beer drinkers to those who prefer the finest wines.

– The alcohol content is suitable for those who want to relax and enjoy themselves without becoming too intoxicated.

– Made with the finest ingredients

Have you noticed that there is one piece of information we haven’t told you yet? You’re right. We haven’t talked about the alcoholic content of this beer. 

And we want to separate it into one distinct section because we want to give you our insights.

Insights About The Milwaukee’s Best Ice Alcoholic Content

milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

Milwaukee’s Best Ice Alcoholic Content has been reduced to 5.9%, and this is because of the request by the Muslim community leaders and the increased demand for alcoholic drinks in general.

The company Milwaukee’s Best Ice Alcoholic Content was quick to respond to the request and the changing demands of people. They said they made these changes more straightforward for those who want ‘a social drink’.

This is important as it will help them market their product more effectively. They used to sell their product with 6.9% alcohol content, but now it will be 5.9%. The change in alcoholic content was implemented in March 2016.

Today, it has an alcoholic content of 5.9%. This means that you can drink a few of them and still be able to drive home safely. Therefore, it is a great beer choice for people who want to enjoy an excellent alcoholic beverage without too much buzz.

Some of you may ask us, what are the advantages of this alcoholic content reduction? What if it has some disadvantages? To us, we think every story has two sides, and this decision of the manufacturer is not the same.


Allows The Muslims To Drink
milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

The primary advantage of this new content is that it will make it easier for Muslims to drink alcohol. Muslims are more likely to drink beer, but they may not be consumed by it.

Milwaukee’s Best Ice Alcoholic Content is also more accessible for non-Muslim people. The company aimed towards the heavy drinkers in the market with their old content while keeping in mind Muslims who don’t want to get too drunk.

Control Your Consumption
milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

Another advantage of Milwaukee’s Best Ice Alcoholic Content being lower in alcoholic content is that you have better control of your consumption.

You can have a bottle or two and still feel good on them while driving back home safely. This makes it an excellent option for people who want to drink responsibly.

Offers Great Taste
milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

Lastly, the taste of Milwaukee’s Best Ice with the lower alcoholic content is still pretty good. You’re not going to be sacrificing flavor just because the beer has a lower alcoholic content. You may even find that you like it better this way.

All in all, Milwaukee’s Best Ice, with its new Alcoholic Content of 5.9%, is an excellent choice for people who want to drink responsibly and Muslims who want to drink alcohol.

We don’t think any disadvantage to this alcoholic content reduction. Of course, there may be some disadvantages to the sales revenue since many customers like heavy beer; however, this transformation will help the brand to reach more customers in the future. 

With the 5.9% alcoholic content, you can consider this as an average beer, and it will not harmfully impact your health and body. Therefore, feel free to drink the beer without much concern. 

However, you may think that what can you do in the future to choose a suitable alcoholic drink for yourself? You may not be the best to hold your liquor, yet you still want to taste the alcohol. 

Because after all, you will have to go outside and socialize with people and drink alcohol. The essential thing you can do right now is to find ways to protect yourself. 

Therefore, down here, we will tell you some recommendations on choosing the most suitable alcohol for you and some pieces of advice. And you can apply these rules to determine whether Milwaukee’s best ice is the right one for you. 

Tips When Choosing Milwaukee’s Best Ice Alcohol Content

Understand How Much Alcohol You Should Have

milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

Like we’ve said previously, you should know how much you are drinking right now and how much you should drink. And you can determine it through standard drinks. 

We’ve talked previously that one standard drink contains 14 grams of ethanol per drink, which is the amount you process in one hour. 

This amount can be found in 12 fluid ounces of beer, which contains about 5% alcohol, while only five fluid ounces of table wine holds about 12% alcohol. A huge difference, right?

You should know that alcohol affects the body depending on the BAC, also known as blood alcohol concentration. And this effect depends on various factors, such as weight, gender, age, and the most crucial, your physical situation at the given moment. 

Therefore, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, men are recommended two standard drinks or less, whereas women are suggested one standard drink or none. 

If you exceed these drinks, you may push yourself into harmful habits like binge drinking or excessive alcoholic usage. Consequently, it will lead to long-life chronic diseases, such as heart attack, cancer, and severe mental illnesses. 

You may find this information in the bottle; however, some do not have that. Therefore, you can search for them on the Internet through reliable resources. It’s not that hard, do not worry too much!

Eat Before Or During Drinking Sessions

milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

For your information, when you drink, the alcohol will go into your bloodstream through your stomach and your intestine. The process may be slower; however, the more hungry you are, the faster you get drunk. You will experience headaches, and the worst,  blackout.

Therefore, in our opinion, you must eat before you drink, and also when you drink. That’s the behavior you can protect yourself. And we also have some tips for you. 

Firstly, drink a lot of water. A lot of you may think that it will help you avoid hangovers. However, it’s not true; you can’t prevent hangovers right when you drink alcohol. It simply reduces the drastic hangover effects and keeps you hydrated. 

Secondly, don’t mix alcohol with energy or sugary drinks. Many of you try this technique to make the alcohol more approachable and easier to drink. However, combining them will make you distorted views about your sugar and alcohol intake. And it’s hazardous. 

And finally, avoid salty snacks. They will make you thirsty and want to drink more. And this will make you drunker than expected. Do not do that if you’re going to keep yourself protected. 

Slow Your Alcohol Intake

milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

We think this tip is relatively understandable; therefore, we will not talk too much about it. You just simply follow these rules. Firstly, you need to switch between non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks to give yourself some space. 

If you are quickly getting drunk, consider yourself a drink with low alcoholic content rather than the high ones. Finally, you should sip the glass instead of drink it all right away. It will make you get drunk more quickly than usual. 

Set A Drink Limit

milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

This tip may be closely relevant to the first tip we’ve talked to you about. However, the first step is understanding, and this tip is for you to take action. Like what we’ve talked about previously, a standard drink equals a bottle of regular beer or two glasses of wine. 

And when you drink at a bar or a restaurant, it will surely be more than your standard drink. Therefore, it’s best to set limits for yourself and carefully follow them. Try to drink your whole glass instead of pouring the glass entirely. 

Stay Out Of Drinking Games

milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

When playing drinking games or drinking in rounds, you may be subject to binge drinking, as we’ve mentioned before. Consequently, you will be consumed much faster.

And you know that when we are drunk, we can’t control our behaviors, put ourselves in dangerous situations, and experience alcoholic poisoning. And that’s not what you want. These bad experiences will ruin your next one. 

Therefore, you should play something outside the drinking games to keep up with your friends. You can dance, play board games, and so much more. There are many activities to enjoy; therefore, you shouldn’t worry too much.

Do Not Drink And Drive

milwaukee's best ice alcohol content

The most crucial thing you should know before going into any parties or gatherings that require drinking is determining how to get home. Do not drive if you want to drag yourself into tragic accidents. 

Here are some ways to reduce the danger in your way of getting home. Firstly, the easiest way, take a taxi to drive you home. Make sure you have enough money to call yourself a cab. 

Secondly, if you go with your friends, you can decide with them to see who the driver will be. The driver will not drink or simply in a small amount just to be polite with the people at the parties. Finally, you can use public transport. It’s both affordable and relatively convenient. 

Simply Say No

This tip is an effective method to keep yourself protected at all costs. If you are young and underaged, drinking alcohol may negatively impact your brain’s development, cause distress in your sleeping patterns, make it hard to concentrate and, worst, delay puberty. 

And with pregnant women, this negative impact is even more drastic because it affects the unborn babies and the mother. The babies could have abnormal facial features and experience underweight situations and behavior problems.

As we’ve mentioned, excessive alcohol consumption will only worsen mental illnesses, especially depression. Therefore, keep yourself away from alcohol. Otherwise, you won’t be able to improve your mental health conditions. 

If you are a first-time buyer, this video could be a great help for you:


After reading the article, have you obtained sufficient information about Milwaukee’s best ice alcohol content? We hope that the answer is yes because we need to give you the complete report and some tips to keep yourself safe when drinking alcohol. 

If the answer is no, we know more information about this beer type that you may need to know. Therefore, you can consider our article as the guide for taking a deep look into this type of beer. 

Sadly, we’ve come to the end of the article. Thank you for staying with us till the end of it. Goodbye, and see you in our following reviews!

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