Best Malty Beers: Your Perfect Winter Beer

The best malty beers usually refer to a dark, thick-bodied ale brewed with malted barley or other grain that is then kilned or roasted. Malt makes up most of the sugars that will convert into alcohol in the brewing process, so it’s an important ingredient for any beer style.

Malt also contributes flavor, color and aroma to a beer when used in appropriate quantities. And depending on how much it is roasted, malt can contribute bitterness as well as toastiness and caramel notes to the final brew.

When it comes to taste, there are so many different types out there that it would be nearly impossible to pick one. But what if you were looking for a malty brew? An ale with a deep nutty flavor? Well then this article is for you!

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Best Malty Beers Reviews 2022

Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer

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Flying Cauldron’s Butterscotch Beer is a new take on a first-time favorite. The first thing you’ll notice about this brew is the sweet cream flavor mixed with the spicy kick of bourbon. Sweet but not too sugary or syrupy, butterbeer captures that authentic buttery taste from everyone’s childhood for those who want to reminisce as an adult. This beer may feel like our childhood memories come to life, but it tastes even better than we ever imagined possible.

The Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer is a sweet and rich brew. It has a 5% ABV, making it one of the sweeter beers on the market. It pours clear golden but dark like any other beer, and you can see its thin white head. The aroma is buttery with hints of caramel and toffee coming out in waves from the top of your glass; this smells like something that would pair nicely with birthday cake!

With each sip, you sense more flavors: You get an impression of maple syrup up front followed by brown sugar both in taste and smell – reminiscent of when grandma made pancakes for breakfast when you were little! Whatever your flavor preference may be from fruity to sweet to dry or heavy – there’s a beer for everyone. Snag yourself a bottle today and drink to your heart’s content!


– Rich, sweet taste.

– Alcohol content is perfect for those who like sweeter drinks.

– Easy to drink; not too sugary or syrupy.


– None

Ultimate Root Beer Sampler – Premium Root Beer Variety Mix Case

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The Ultimate Root Beer Sampler is a collector’s item containing 24 of the most sought-after root beer brands from around the world! This variety pack contains 3 bottles of each brand for a total of 72, plus a bonus bottle that could be any one of those included.

The special “Roots” flavor from Aspen Brewing Company rounds out this collection and comes as an added bonus to you! The six company set up makes it easy to see which root beers are your favorite or if there are any familiar faces you liked. We at Ices Brewton encourage you to try them all and we hope that this sampler will extend your appreciation for the drink well beyond current favorites into new frontiers where flavors may become old memories, then cherished experiences.

We encourage you to buy the Ultimate Root Beer Sampler for yourself or for a loved one, as a gift that keeps on giving. This unique and thoughtful present is one that can be enjoyed all year round! We guarantee that the lucky individual who receives this will be pleased with the variety of delicious root beers it contains.


– The variety pack contains three bottles of each variety for a total of 72, plus a bonus bottle that could be any one of those included.

– Roots from Aspen Brewing Company round out this collection and come as an added bonus to the sampler.


– None

Non-Alcoholic Beer Variety Pack

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Some people can’t drink any alcohol at all, while others are just not drinkers. If you’re in the latter camp then this Non-alcoholic Beer Variety Pack is perfect for you! You get 180 cans of delicious, quality beers that taste just like their alcoholic counterparts without the hangover or guilt afterward. The variety pack includes 16 16oz/1-pack cans of each flavor so everyone will be happy with it whether your taste buds are craving a light beer or are more inclined to have an IPA experience.

Non-Alcoholic Beer Variety Pack is a pack of six beers from different regions and breweries. This pack includes one bottle each of Sapporo, Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier Wheat, Stella Artois, Dos Equis Lager Especial Pale Lager, Murphy’s Irish Stout Stout Available in six-packs so you can enjoy these varieties with friends.


– A variety of different flavors

– The beers are from different regions and breweries

– The price point is affordable


– None

Bundaberg Ginger Beer, 6.8 fl oz Cans

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If you’re in the market for a new soda, try Bundaberg’s Ginger Beer. All of their sodas are vegan and cane sugar free so if you have any dietary restrictions or preferences this soda is for you. With just a hint of spicy ginger and vanilla flavors in every sip, this drink will refresh your palette no matter what time of day it is consumed.

Some beverages may lead to stomach aches but with only one calorie per can – these zero-calorie drinks won’t upset your system! For an extra boost add fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice mixed with water to create a delicious Arnold Palmer sans the iced tea! This beverage comes highly recommended from various sites such as Forbes Magazine who insist that “for those wanting something weightier than a soft drink and not as heavy as a beer, this is the perfect beverage.” With such high reviews it’s hard to believe that you haven’t already tried one!


– Vegan

– Cane sugar free

– Hints of spicy ginger and vanilla

– Zero calories

– Recommended by Forbes Magazine


– None

Twang Flavored Beer Salt, Lime

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Whether you’re a bachelor who refuses to grow up or a barbecue pro cooking ribs, this Twang flavored beer salt is the perfect seasoning for your next backyard barbeque. Pair it with Lime for a refreshing twist on summer grilling!

The perfect addition to your favorite beer, Twang flavored salt imparts a subtle flavor with great balance of sweet and sour. Do not be fooled by the name- this blend works best on pale beers like Belgian Witbier, Blue Moon Brewing’s MoonShine Brewing Company’s Craft Beer, or Coors Light.

Twang Flavored Beer Salt, Lime is the easiest way to make your favorite, home cooked recipes even better with a refreshing taste of lime. This gourmet salt is decadent on most meat dishes; especially pork chops. If you need an easy meal idea all you need are your ingredients and this amazing spice blend.


-Twang flavored salt is perfect for adding a subtle flavor to your favorite beer

-Pairs well with lime for a refreshing twist on summer grilling

-Great on most meat dishes, especially pork chops


– None

Royalty Ginger Beer 11oz 

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Royalty ginger beer is made by hand with fresh ingredients. Each bottle contains 11 oz of Royalty to be enjoyed responsibly, but trust us If you decide to use this as a mixer or cocktail, that’s okay too! You’ll be glad you got the bigger size.

This rich and refreshing sipper from Hidden away in Minneapolis Minnesota has been savored by tons of people all across the USA over the past year – but there are only 250 bottles available every month! Get yours now!

The next batch will be coming soon so don’t miss out on your chance to trace your taste buds across America’s best-kept secret before it disappears again. But hey…if it tastes as good as we think it does – what difference would it make anyway?


-Made with fresh ingredients

-11 oz per bottle

-Can be enjoyed responsibly or as a mixer/cocktail

-Served in Minneapolis, MN

-Available soon for the next batch


– None

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer 330ml

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Old Jamaica Ginger Beer is a Jamaican ginger beer that was first brewed in 1884 by Thomas McCarthy. It’s made from a base of natural Jamaican cane sugar and fresh lime juice, giving it a sweet tangy flavor with the kick of ginger. The award-winning brew has been Winston Churchill’s favorite drink since 1987! With its spicy bite and refreshing qualities, this beverage will make you feel like you’re back on vacation.

Claimed to be the original ginger beer, Old Jamaica Ginger Beer has a unique taste that not everyone is comfortable with. It’s more on the sour side but makes for an interesting change of pace. If you are looking for something refreshing and different this could be it!


– Award-winning

– Spicy bite with refreshing qualities

– Unique taste that not everyone is comfortable with, but makes for an interesting change of pace.


– More on the sour side than sweet

Buckler Non-alcoholic Beer Brewed in Holland

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Buckler Non-alcoholic Beer is brewed in Holland, making it easy to drink by folks who are looking for calorie free beer. This Dutch lager is light bodied and has a smooth taste that makes drinking even more enjoyable. One of the best things about this brew is that you don’t have to worry about any alcohol content so people can enjoy it with dinner or anytime throughout the day without feeling weighed down.

The aroma is somewhat spicy but not nearly as strong as other beers on the market which makes it easier for people who dislike strong scents or flavors. The flavor seems very true to what you would expect from an imported bottle of beer – despite being non-alcoholic there’s no aftertaste. With its wheaty flavor, this is a great beer to have with a meal or just by itself.

This Dutch beer has been going strong since being produced in 1939 and continues to gain popularity across the entire globe. This makes it a great choice for an imported non-alcoholic brew that you can enjoy any time of day, but especially when you want to feel like you’re drinking a beer without any of the drawbacks.


-Brewed in Holland

-Light bodied

-Smooth taste

-No alcohol content

-Somewhat spicy aroma

-Wheaty flavor

-Great for a meal or by itself


– None

Q Mixers Premium Ginger Beer

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Q Mixers Premium Ginger Beer is a non-alcoholic beverage made from pure cane sugar and fresh ginger. The product is very high in flavor but low in calories, making it the perfect drink for foodies and dieters alike.

What do a delicious Dark ‘N Stormy cocktail and this Premium Ginger Beer have in common? They both taste great. But the ginger beer is better because it is made with 100% natural ingredients – no preservatives – meaning there’s never any terrible aftertaste that accompanies some store brands. Kombucha, sodas, iced tea or mixed into cocktails or mocktails – Q Mixers has all of your needs covered! Drink up!

Q Mixers Premium Ginger Beer is made from all natural ingredients and ginger root for a unique flavor experience. This product can be used to make tasty beverages like root beer floats, cocktails, and mocktails!


– Made from pure cane sugar and fresh ginger

– Low in calories

– Tasty beverage for foodies and dieters alike

– No preservatives

– Unique flavor experience


– None

[Case of 24] [Product of Japan] ASAHI DRY ZERO

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The Dry Zero from the ASAHI company of Japan is a new, low calorie beer. The beer’s 3.2% alcohol content makes it a more accessible option for those who want to drink light or non-alcoholic beer that has pronounced flavor and quality. It also has a gluten free label on the bottle so that people with dietary restrictions can enjoy this fresh alternative too!

The taste is fantastic BUT there have been reports about packaging issues in previous iterations of the same product which caused alleged contamination of other alcoholic beverages stored alongside your Dry Zeros Or alternatively, some customers reported lack of separation between 12-packs due to top flaps being bent back on themselves instead slots being punched out before packaging.


-The taste is fantastic

-It’s a low calorie beer and has a gluten free label

-It has a 3.2% alcohol content and it’s affordable




[amazon box=”B001IWG8G4″ ]

Nestled in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is Sprecher Brewing Company. With roots dating back nearly 150 years, this employee-owned brewery still sticks to its brewing traditions while adding new innovations that allow for more efficiency and diversity.

This amber bottle beer with 6% alcohol content is considered one of their most popular beers because it tastes so fresh and clean! It’s original flavor comes from select hops, malted barley malt aged over 15 months on the premises… you’ll enjoy some rich malty caramel taste with a background hint of hops hints. What better way to celebrate than by breaking out your favorite supplies (a lampshade draped mantle or brightly lit fireplace) – this brew will complement any light colored wood furniture accents beautifully!


-Tastes so fresh and clean, original flavor comes from select hops, malted barley malt aged over 15 months on the premises

-Finishes with rich malty caramel taste


– None

Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer

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Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer is a decadent drink, combining two delicious favorites. The butterscotch mixed with the smooth taste of beer are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while you enjoy this delightful beverage.

Flying Cauldron craft brews a refreshing, butterscotch-flavored beer that’s perfect for any hot summer day. The citrus notes from the hops and is complemented by its subtle yet complex caramel flavor. If you’re looking for an easy-to-drink beer to quench your thirst after mowing the lawn or playing sports with friends, this is it! One of Flying Cauldron’s most popular flavors among their iconic lineup of beers.


-Butterscotch tastes great, refreshing drink

-Available in bottle and on tap

-Offers a smooth and balanced taste


– None

Gosling’s Ginger Beer 12 Oz. Can

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The Gosling’s ginger beer 12 oz bottles are perfect if you are looking for something quick and simple before sitting down to dinner or as dessert after your meal is complete! They come individually sealed- one for you and one to share with a friend or loved one. The ginger beer has a light flavor and is not too sweet which makes it perfect for people who don’t enjoy overly sugary drinks.

If you’re an amateur in the realm of cocktails and drinks, this is a really good place to start in order to make some fancy cocktails. It lends itself beautifully with everything from white wine to gin. Ginger Beer I would recommend mixing it with anything citrus based too because again, it makes for an easy drink on any occasion. Overall, five stars – very light flavor that tastes more floral than spicy which might seem strange at first but ultimately makes it refreshingly pleasant!


-Light flavor

-Not too sweet

-Can be used in cocktails


-Only comes in a 12 oz. bottle

Heineken 0.0% Non-Alcohol, Alcohol Free Beer

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Heineken 0.0% is a non-alcoholic beer that will give you the rich, smooth taste of a Heineken without any of the alcohol content. If you’re not in the mood for drinking, but you want all the fun and flavor of an alcoholic beverage with just having to worry about driving home impaired – this is your drink!

The carbonated water base makes it refreshing on a hot day or after physical activity. You can even add fruit flavors too so it doesn’t taste so bland if you want to give up alcohol but still feel like completing social traditions

I have been recommending this product to my friends who don’t drink due to being pregnant, having chronic health issues from past drinking habits, are on medication that are sensitive to alcohol, or for those who want to be safe when they are driving after having a few drinks.



-Rich, smooth taste of a Heineken

-No risk of impaired driving

-Can add fruit flavors for taste


-May be bland for some people

Bud Light, 12 pk, 12 oz cans, 4.2% ABV

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The next time you’re looking for something really light and refreshing, look no further than your fridge. This 12-pack of cans has only 4.2% ABV (alcohol by volume) which is low enough that drinking one or two shouldn’t leave you feeling tipsy when you get up to go to bed. It’s hard to say what the most popular flavor is because they all taste so good! A few reviewers said the citrus-flavored variety was their favorite– but don’t let it stop you from trying them all because there are six flavors in total: Citrus Lime & Ruby Red Grapefruit, Golden Apple Ale, Coca Cola Orange Vanilla Swirls, Hard Black Cherry Cola.

Bud Light is one of the most popular US beers and for good reason. This light lager is light in calories, flavorless to suit any preference with a smooth finish. If you’re looking for something more flavorful than Budweiser this really isn’t it but if your goal was just to drink beer cheaply, then this is your best option.

It’s infinitely-drinkable with minimal hangover risks considering its low alcohol content. If you’re looking for a beer that’s going to get you drunk with minimal effort, this isn’t the right choice.


– Low calorie

– No flavor

– Smooth finish

– Inexpensive


– Bland taste

– Not very flavorful

Best Malty Beers Benefits

Malty beers are the most underrated style of beer in America. This is because they are often not understood or appreciated for what they really are. They’re simply seen as an afterthought, a drink that’s “different” from what people usually order at a bar, but which doesn’t have much flavor to it either way. The truth is maltier beers can be very complex and full-flavored when brewed well by people who know how to do it right. But even if you don’t like this type of beer, there are still plenty of reasons why you should give them another chance!

Malty beers are a type of beer that is brewed with malt as its primary fermentable ingredient. It’s typically darker and sweeter than other types of beer. Malt-based beers can be found in many different styles, including pale ales, porters, red ales, brown ales and more. The term “malt” refers to the grains used for brewing which includes barley but also wheat or rye grain.

Best Malty Beers

These grains are usually dried out to make them easier to break down during the brewing process. This drying process gives malted barley a distinctive sweet flavor and it’s often what makes these beers taste like bread or cake (and not just because they’re dark).

Malty beers are a favorite among many craft beer enthusiasts because they typically have more flavor than other types. Malt is the key ingredient that gives these beers their characteristic taste and color. It can be made from malted barley, wheat, rye or any combination of grains. The malt is then kiln-dried to stop germination and roasted at high temperatures to give it its desired color and aroma. When added to water during the brewing process, malt provides sugars which the yeast will convert into alcohol during fermentation.

Malt flavors range from light biscuit tones in pale ales, dark chocolate notes in imperial stouts, all the way through to smoky peaty flavors found in Scottish ales like Old Peculiar (a personal favorite).

There are various benefits to drinking malty beers. Firstly, they are a great source of carbohydrates, providing the body with energy for physical activity. Secondly, malt is a rich source of fiber which can help to regulate digestion. And lastly, as mentioned before, malt provides a range of flavors that can be enjoyed by the sophisticated palate.

If you would like to know how to choose the right malt, the following video will be helpful to you:

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Malty Beers

It is a well known fact that people have different tastes when it comes to beer. Some prefer the light refreshing taste of lagers, while others enjoy the more robust flavor of ales.  In recent years though, there has been an influx in popularity for maltier beers and many drinkers are pleasantly surprised by how much they like them.

If you’re not sure if maltier beers would be right for you, here are some factors to consider before making your purchase:

Taste Of Ales Or Lagers

Maltier beers tend to fall under the category of ales rather than lager because they contain malted barley as one of their main ingredients. If you typically drink lighter tasting beers, you may want to start with a maltier beer that is still considered to be within the lager family, such as Yuengling Traditional Lager.

Best Malty Beers


Some maltier beers are more intense in flavor than others. If you’re looking for a richer taste, try North Coast Brewing Old Stock Ale or Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale. For a more approachable maltier beer, pick up Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar or Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout.

Smokiness Of Stouts

There are certain maltier beers that have the added flavor of smoke which can be a great contrast to the malt. Some of these beers include Deschutes Black Butte Porter, Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar and Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout.


Malty beers are the brews that taste like bread. They’re made with yeast strains that produce flavors reminiscent of toasted grain, cereal, and nuts. The maltier the beer is, the more pronounced these flavors will be.

If you want a very malty beer try an Oktoberfest or a Scotch Ale. If you prefer something lighter in flavor but still have some malty notes then go for a Kolsch or a Pilsner. A good way to tell if your favorite brew is on the maltier side would be to look at its color: dark amber means it’s going to have strong malty flavors while pale straw-colored beers won’t have as much of those same tastes since they’re brewed with less malt.

Best Malty Beers


Maltier beers tend to be more expensive than their lager counterparts because they typically use higher quality ingredients. This doesn’t mean that they are all expensive though, so you should still be able to find one that fits your budget.

FAQs about Best Malty Beers

Is malt beer gluten free?

Yes, malt beer is gluten free. Malt beer is made from cereal grains that are processed to produce fermentable sugars used for brewing. Some malt beers are brewed using barley or wheat but are labeled as gluten-free. The only gluten in beer is the protein of wheat and other similar grains like spelt and rye, so malt beers will be gluten free.

Is there a way to determine if a beer is malty or hoppy without tasting it?

Well, you could guess. One way for a person to determine if they can drink a beer is to look at the color of the beer and/or how many ingredients it has. Dark beers tend to be maltier than light colored beers while hoppy beers will have an IPA or bitter taste. For example, black IPAs usually taste less malt-like because the dark color comes from caramelized malts and roasted barley instead of golden wheat malts used in pale ales and pilsners. This gives them a more coffee-like flavor than lighter colored beers like blond ales or lagers do.

If someone gets past appearance without tasting or sees an ingredient list that contains wheat or rye (which contain gluten) then they should avoid those beers.

Best Malty Beers

How do malt brewers make sure the beer is gluten free?

The brewing process for malt beer eliminates any traces of gluten. Brewers add an enzyme called protease to the wort, which breaks down the gluten proteins from barley and wheat into smaller pieces that are more difficult to detect. This step also makes them less likely to cause an allergic reaction because the gluten is broken down into much smaller pieces, which are too small for the body to detect.

After that, brewers boil the wort and then ferment it using yeast that breaks down any remaining proteins or starches. For this reason, there may be trace amounts of gluten in malt beer but it’s well below the government’s 20 parts-per-million standard for “gluten free” products.


There are many different types of beer out there, but if you want something that is less bitter and has more flavor than the average light lager then a malty beer may be for you. Best malty beers tend to have more body which can make them heavier than other styles. It’s also not uncommon to find these beers with higher alcohol content because they need it due to their sweeter taste profile. Our top pick for the best malty beers: Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer

[amazon box=”B01426M3VQ” ]

Both breweries and distributors offer this type of brew so finding one shouldn’t be too difficult unless your locale doesn’t contain any specialty stores or pubs carrying craft beers on tap. In general, maltier ales will cost a bit more considering how much time goes into making each batch as opposed to producing lighter bodied/lower ABV varieties like pilsners.

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