Stunning Ideas For Kitchen Island Bar Stools

The kitchen area is one of the most important parts of the house. Even in this modern era, cooking can be a good time for families to create quality time. To get a fun experience in this area, you need to choose the most comfortable kitchen design.

You need to choose the correct and match furniture to complete your dream kitchen style. There are many designs and materials that you can choose for your kitchen furniture. In making the decision, you need to think about the size of your kitchen space too. 

To help you find the best, here are some appealing kitchen interior styles with kitchen island bar stools and cabinets that are available in various styles.

kitchen island bar stools

Wide Kitchen Interior Idea

When you have a spacious kitchen area, you can play with the interior design. To make this space a good place for family time, choose a long marble top island and modern kitchen island bar stools.

Wide wooden cabinets and drawers can be installed here too. Since the island is big, you can complete it with planted stove and stylish sink. This way, you can cook the food and keep chatting with your family.

When there is a cooking stove, there needs to be a hood. In this modern kitchen, you can hang the shining range hood above it. This way, this spacious area will look more futuristic.

Classy Kitchen Island Bar Stools Style

To complete the open space Kitchen, you can place a classy white kitchen island bar stools and a clean White Island with a marble top in it. Playing with colors by using white counters and black marble tops on the hardwood flooring will never fail.

Same with the kitchen counter, the cupboards and cabinets are all painted white. The big stove and oven are installed firmly under the stylish cooking hood. A mosaic-tiled backsplash will keep the interior in this space awesome.

Facing the shiny planted sink, a big white framed window is installed. This way, you can enjoy the view outside when you wash the dishes.

Grey Marble Details in Comfy Kitchen Design

kitchen island bar stools

Adding marble details in the kitchen can make it looks more elegant. When you want to combine the comfort and elegant elements in this area, you can start to use a wide marble island and choose the marble top for your kitchen counters.

The minimalist sink beside the wide glass window and simple blind complete the look. The artistic hanging lamp will shine the long island and brown padded kitchen island bar stools under it. Grey tile backsplash and cooking hoods create a fabulous vibe here.

The white breakfast nook with white pillows and a white hanging lamp looks so bright with natural lights from the wide windows.

Vintage Bar Stools for Traditional Kitchen

In the traditional kitchen, you can use many wooden materials in the furniture, ceiling pillars, and flooring. For example, you can place a navy island with a white marble top under the barn-styled hanging lamp above it.

Some vintage-styled kitchen island bar stools are facing the wide island. Clean white kitchen counters and cupboards complete this traditional kitchen design. The grey cooking hood and mosaic tile backsplash gave a contrasting vibe between the white cupboards.

Some strong hardwood frames can be seen clearly on the white ceiling. Wooden flooring increases the old-fashioned style of the kitchen. 

Natural Kitchen Design With Stone Backsplash

kitchen island bar stools

Combining natural materials can give you a relaxing and unique kitchen style. To get this style, you can mix the stone and wood materials in your kitchen.

Hardwood kitchen counters and cupboards looked so appealing with stone backsplash behind it. Wooden Island with a stone top and front detail can be located in front of the counters. Completing the island, simply place three brown iron kitchen island bar stools.

Brown ceiling lamps are installed above the island to light it up. White framed glass window looked so eye-catching on the light brown painted wall.

Farmhouse Kitchen Idea

For you who want to make a farmhouse kitchen design, you can use this idea. In this U-shaped kitchen space, you can place a wide square Grey Island with a hardwood top and rustic round kitchen island bar stools.

To add more rustic details to this kitchen, simply install two classic pan hangers above the island. Hardwood flooring matches the traditional-styled wooden counters and cupboards on it.

The old-fashioned chandelier is hanging above the round dining area. Facing the dining area, a clear wooden framed glass window is installed.

Clean Kitchen Interior Idea

kitchen island bar stools

For you who are looking for a clean kitchen interior idea, here is a good idea for you. White is the best clean color that you can use in this kitchen idea.

Simply install white kitchen counters, cupboards, and drawers in the kitchen area. Don’t forget to add a wide white island with a clean marble top in the center of this open area. A big sink is planted on this kitchen island.

Facing this island, you can place three grey padded wooden kitchen island bar stools. Three appealing glass detailed lamps are hanging above the island.

Round Island Stools for Small Kitchen Design

To fill the small kitchen area, you may need a good interior idea. Even if you only have a small space for the kitchen, you can place a mini kitchen island with a brown top and simple wooden kitchen island bar stools in it.

Since it is a small kitchen space, you need to install some white framed windows that will provide natural light to make the space looks wider. These windows can be installed between the cupboards and shelves.

Under it, a traditional L-shaped kitchen counter with a wooden top and farmhouse-styled sink is placed. White backsplash and small plants decorate the kitchen.

Traditional Grey Kitchen Island Idea

kitchen island bar stools

A grey kitchen island and comfy white padded kitchen island bar stools can create a traditional kitchen design more appealing.

Installing long kitchen counters with clean white marble tops and shiny stoves can be the next step. As for the kitchen hook, the grey color will look awesome between the grey wall cupboards. The calm pattern on the tiled backsplash matched the traditional furniture.

White framed glass window and cream shade are installed above the wide planted sink. Grey hanging lamps and bright lighting add a modern look to this kitchen. All of those details are completed with the hardwood flooring that is used here.

Curve Kitchen Island Design

Normally, Kitchen Island is made in a square shape. However, there is also a curve-shaped kitchen island that you can choose for your tiny kitchen design.

For this curve-shaped wooden kitchen with a white top, cozy hardwood kitchen island bar stools are placed facing it. Beautiful plant decoration makes this simple island look fun. Bright ceiling lamps with a modern style are hung from the round-shaped white ceiling.

Clear glass windows and a stylish sink complete the kitchen interior. White tile flooring creates a clean look in this small kitchen area.

White and Grey Kitchen Idea

kitchen island bar stools

Creating a grey and white kitchen interior can be done by using grey furniture. In this kitchen, you can place a wide Grey Island with a white marble top. Long kitchen counters and cupboards in grey color can also be used here.

White backsplash and farmhouse-styled sink are installed near the white framed glass window. Gold-colored hanging lamps shine on the wide island and round backless kitchen island bar stools. Vintage carpet in unique pattern decorating the hardwood flooring.

Hardwood door and wall in white paint complete this kitchen interior idea.

Stunning Kitchen Island and Bar Stool Styles

Modern kitchen design will be suitable for you who have a stylish life. Combining white round padded kitchen island bar stools and a simple wooden island match the stylish vibe. The clear glass top on the kitchen island increases its modern theme.

A tidy wooden counter and glass-framed cupboards are completed with clear glass windows between them. On the cooking side, a modern stove and shining cooking hood are installed. White cabinets and dark backsplash create a contrasting look in this fantastic area.

Dark tile flooring and a white ceiling will suit this kitchen area.

Modern Bar Stools for White Kitchen Design

kitchen island bar stools

Making a white kitchen design is not only about placing white furniture inside it. Sometimes, you still need to give details in other colors inside it.

White kitchen counter and white cabinets are a must when you want to make this kind of kitchen design. The clean cooking area is completed with a white tiled backsplash and a wide cooking hood above it.

Facing the cooking space, a huge white island with a marble top and gold sink is located. Don’t forget to place some modern gold-framed kitchen island bar stools facing it. Futuristic lamps are hanging above it.

White and Wooden Kitchen Theme

It is very interesting if you mix some totally different details inside your kitchen. For example, you can use wooden framed cupboards and a white kitchen counter in it. A rustic cabinet design gave a contrasting look here.

As for the island, you can combine the natural hardwood material with a white marble top. A black sink and uniquely designed ceiling lamps make this space more appealing.

To increase the unusual vibes in this white and wooden kitchen idea, simply place some kitchen island bar stools with wooden seats and iron frames facing the wide kitchen island.

Minimalist Design for Small Open Kitchen

kitchen island bar stools

You can choose this cozy kitchen design for your small open area. Inside the traditional farmhouse, simply use the white kitchen counters and wall shelves.

Wooden pillars on the white ceiling gave farmhouse vibes in this open area. White tile backsplash and shining kitchen hood are also installed here.

To save more area, hanging grey shelves from iron material will be a brilliant idea. It can be located above the long white island with a grey marble top and dark sink. Square kitchen island bar stools with brown backrests and padded seats face this open kitchen area.

Glass Island Stools in Minimalist Kitchen Idea

Even inside the minimalist kitchen design, you can still give a modern touch to it. To create an up-to-date look in this simple kitchen, you can place some glass kitchen island bar stools.

These glass bar stools will accentuate the long wooden island with a white top perfectly. For the cooking side, long wooden counters and stylish stoves are located. The modern cooking hood and tidy wooden cabinets on the upper side look very interesting.

Shining under the cabinet lamps area gives a stunning look to the metal backsplash and white countertop. All elements are completed with natural hardwood flooring.

Classic Kitchen Idea with Wooden Bar Stools

kitchen island bar stools

To create a classic kitchen design, you need to complete the space with old-fashioned and classic furniture. Start by placing a white L-shaped kitchen counter with a brown marble top.

Above the counter, a brown backsplash and a classic carved cooking hood can be used. This classic carving can be found on the white panel above the white framed window with a clean blind. White old-fashioned cabinets and cupboards are installed tidily on the brown wall.

Hardwood Island with a brown marble top and old-fashioned wooden kitchen island bar stools are placed in the center of the kitchen area. Wooden flooring and a white ceiling can be used in this open area too.

Old Fashioned Kitchen Idea with Rattan Island Stools

Rattan kitchen island bar stools will match perfectly with old fashioned kitchen. It can match perfectly to farmhouse-styled Kitchen Island with a white marble top. The natural look of this bar stool mixes easily with the grey island.

The white kitchen counter and clean farmhouse sink are located under the wooden framed glass windows. As for the cooking side, you can use a black stove and cabinets. Simply combine it with a black cooking hook and white tiled backsplash.

With an open space design, the kitchen can connect directly to the dining area. Traditional rattan dining chairs are circling the long grey dining table.

Long Kitchen Island With Wooden Stools Idea

kitchen island bar stools

Choosing a suitable island design for your kitchen is very important. When you want to make a traditional kitchen design, you can use a long wooden island with a glossy brown marble top. To complete this rustic island, simply place some wooden kitchen island bar stools beside it.

Shining planted sinks and small plants will decorate this island perfectly. Two big-shaped hanging lamps give enough lighting for this area.

Under the wide glass window and brown curtain, a long kitchen counter is located. A wide cooking hood and metal backsplash are installed above the big stove for the cooking area.

Stylish Wooden Stools Idea

Inside a modern house, you can make a stylish kitchen area. A long grey kitchen island and modern wooden kitchen island bar stools will be a good start in making this stunning kitchen.

Grey counters with marble tops and a big modern stove are located beside the glossy white backsplash. On the other side, big grey cabinets and tidy drawers are placed. Wooden walls and a white painted ceiling make this open kitchen area look interesting.

On the lower side, you can make cement flooring to match the grey furniture that you use. This way, your stylish kitchen area will look more appealing.

Shining Metal Island Stools Idea

kitchen island bar stools

Placing shining metal kitchen island bar stools in the modern kitchen design is a good idea. These stools are facing a long stylish island with a grey top and planted stove. Above this island, a hanging kitchen hook is installed.

Near the island, white kitchen counters are located. This L-shaped counter is completed with a modern sink and glossy black backsplash. Black upper cabinets and bright under-cabinet lighting increase the modern look inside this kitchen.

Wooden cabinets and planted ovens are located on the other of the cooking area. Marble flowing matches the modern theme in this kitchen.

Tiny Open Kitchen Idea with Dining Area

If you have an open space idea for your kitchen, you can combine it with a dining area. For the small kitchen area, simply place a white island with a grey marble top and a black planted sink. Wooden kitchen island bar stools with black leather seats can be placed here.

Interesting black and white hanging lamps are installed above the kitchen island. An L-shaped kitchen counter with oven, stove, and grey marble top makes this tiny kitchen look fun. Small plants in the pots can be placed on the island and counter to decorate it.

With its open space idea, you can make a dining area right beside the kitchen without making any partitions. A round wooden top dining table and comfy grey padded dining chairs are located there. A unique modern chandelier makes this dining area looks very comfortable.

Simple Kitchen and Dining Room Design

kitchen island bar stools

For the kitchen space, you can use L shaped counter with white cabinets and drawers. The black marble top on this counter creates a great contrast in this space.

Small tiled backsplash and hidden kitchen hood installed on the wide cooking area. Small glass windows gave more natural light inside the kitchen. A wooden island with a grey marble top and comfy kitchen island bar stools are placed under the gold ceiling lamps.

Hardwood flooring gave a natural element to this open area. A long wooden dining table and modern black dining chairs circle the open dining area. On the corner, a comfy breakfast nook with grey pillows and a black padded sofa is placed.

Bright Lighting for Traditional Kitchen Design

Installing bright lighting for the rustic kitchen design can create a warm vibe in it. Bright lamps are hanging above the white kitchen island with a glossy hardwood top and a wide planted sink. Black kitchen island bar stools are facing the island and kitchen counter.

In the kitchen space, a wooden kitchen counter with a white top and cabinets are located. Mosaic tile backsplash and wide cooking hood are located above the modern stove. You can place some small potted plants to decorate the counter.

Unique Kitchen Island Stool Design

Mixing different styled furniture in a kitchen design is not so bad. For example, you can place a simple wooden island with a white marble top and planted sink for your minimalist. Unique kitchen island bar stools designed with grey wire details and black metal frame face the island.

The appealing ceiling lamp above the island matches perfectly with the kitchen theme. White counter, cabinets, and glass cupboards are completed with a modern stove and white backsplash. Wooden flooring gave a minimalist look here.