The Best Julienne Peeler: The Great Way To Build A Healthy Lifestyle

A julienne peeler is a hand-held tool that is used to create thin, matchstick-sized strips of vegetables. The tool has a blade on the side that is able to peel off thin, cut strips of vegetables. Julienne peelers are most commonly used to make French fries but are also used to make other dishes such as stir fry, salads, and even fruit salads. The best julienne peeler is usually made out of stainless steel or plastic and is typically used to make thin, delicate noodles called julienned vegetables.

I’ve been looking for a good vegetable slicer and I think I found the perfect one! So I will introduce to you the top 15 of the best julienne peeler to help you pick a suitable product.

Best for Durability: [amazon link=”B08N6F5KHQ” title=”Colourtales Multifunction Stainless Steel Vegetable Peeler Julienne Strips Tool” /]

Best for Flexibility: [amazon link=”B094ZLZ9KH” title=”FOKRIM Magic Trio Peeler Slicers Shredders with Spiralizer, Julienne, Cutter and Grater Kitchen Helper” /]

Best for Safety: [amazon link=”B00N2TA4CK” title=”Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Slicer Set with Adjustable Mandoline, Julienne Slicer, and Grater” /]

Best for Comfort: [amazon link=”B07JHVSHQL” title=”Lantana 3 in 1 Peeler – Multifunction Speed Y Peeler with Julienne Slicer” /]

Best for Budget: [amazon link=”B002THQ9JS” title=”Prepworks by Progressive Adjust-A-Slice and Julienne Mandoline” /]

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Best Julienne Peeler Reviews 2022

Colourtales Multifunction Stainless Steel Vegetable Peeler Julienne Strips Tool

[amazon box=”B08N6F5KHQ” ]

The Colourtales Multifunction Stainless Steel Vegetable Peeler Julienne Strips Tool is made of stainless steel which means it is durable and long lasting. The sleek handle adds to the appeal of this vegetable peeler.

It is a sleek, modern vegetable peeler made of durable stainless steel. The blade is sharp and the handle comfortable. The blade doesn’t fade, resist corrosion, wear, and tear very well.

The peeler also has a built-in potato eye remover that can be removed for easy cleaning. This peeler is great for making salads, adding to soups and even cutting vegetables for frying.


  • It comes with a hanging hook for easy storage
  • Thin and flexible blade to peel vegetables
  • Cut vegetables into thin strips
  • Resist harmful agents very well.


  • It is difficult to use on hard and long vegetables.

FOKRIM Magic Trio Peeler Slicers Shredders with Spiralizer, Julienne, Cutter and Grater Kitchen Helper

[amazon box=”B094ZLZ9KH” ]

The OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler is a multi-purpose kitchen tool set. It can peel and slice fruits and vegetables with ease. The peeler’s dual blade is made of ultra-sharp stainless steel for effortless peeling and the handle is designed to optimize grip and control for precise work.

Alternatively, this kitchenware set also has the orange peeler and built-in potato eye remover to prepare food more easily.

I like the way the peeler works. It is easy to use and makes peeling vegetables, carrots, and fruit a breeze. The blades are sharp and the handle is comfortable. 


  • Easy to use with no mess.
  • This kitchenware set includes 3 tools to cook easily.
  • Great for making zucchini noodles, cucumber noodles, and gnocchi.


  • None.

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Slicer Set with Adjustable Mandoline, Julienne Slicer, and Grater

[amazon box=”B00N2TA4CK” ]

This is a set of 3 different types of slicers. One is used for slicing meats, another for slicing vegetables, and the third for grating. It includes a mandoline slicer, a julienne slicer, and a grater.

If you own this product set, you can cook many delicious dishes flexibly. It is ideal for carrots, onions, cucumbers, cabbage, daikon, potatoes, ginger, even hard cheese, etc. Besides, your hand will be safe with the hand guard.


  • It comes with three different tools: slicer, julienne, and grater.
  • Slices and grates food with ease.
  • It has a safety guard that prevents fingers from coming into contact with the blade.
  • Mandoline can be adjusted to different thicknesses.
  • It is dishwasher safe.


  • You can’t use this tool kit for fruits that have pits or hard seeds.

Lantana 3 in 1 Peeler – Multifunction Speed Y Peeler with Julienne Slicer

[amazon box=”B07JHVSHQL” ]

The Lantana 3 in 1 Peeler is a multifunctional peeler that has a blade for all of your peeling needs. It has an easy ergo handle so you can peel with both hands for more control. It also has a julienne slicer, so you can get really thin slices of cucumber, carrots, etc.

I love this peeler because I’m not only able to peel potatoes with it, but I can also slice cucumbers into thin strips and julienne vegetables with ease. With its non-slip handle, it is easy to hold onto even when your hands are wet or greasy. The sharp blade can solve the hardest veggies and fruits.


  • Multifunctional kitchen tool.
  • Cut hard food easily.
  • Ergo handle.
  • Durable.


  • Not dishwasher safe.

Prepworks by Progressive Adjust-A-Slice and Julienne Mandoline

[amazon box=”B002THQ9JS” ]

Prepworks by Progressive Adjust-A-Slice is a manual onion slicer with a reasonable price. It has a long blade that will cut lengthwise, crosswise, and into thin julienne strips. 

You can also adjust the vegetable’s thicknesses from thick, medium, to thin with a sliding button. The mandoline slicer will be stable, thanks to the ridges and non-skid base. And you can use it above the bowl.

It also includes a storage container for the veggies that is created. The product is easy to use. It is not the most durable tool, but it is inexpensive and easy to use.


  • Thin, even slices.
  • Easy to use.
  • Thin cuts are perfect for quick cooking.
  • Good size for small hands.


  • Recommend to wash by hand.
  • Slicing is not instant.
  • Thin cuts are not instant.

Rosle Stainless Steel Julienne Peeler

[amazon box=”B0007VHCOY” ]

The 18/10 stainless steel blades are both durable and sharp, which is what you want in a peeler. The juliennes are perfect for preparing vegetables for soups, stews, salads, sauces, stir fries, and more. 

Its round handle’s ends are filled with high-quality Epoxy cement to resist water and hold in tight. It has a comfortable shape that makes it easy to hold and use without feeling shaky or unbalanced.

The Rosle Stainless Steel Julienne Peeler has durable and sharp blades that are perfect for making vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and zucchini.

The Rosle Stainless Steel Julienne Peeler is the perfect kitchen tool for raw food enthusiasts. The peeler is dishwasher safe which makes clean up a breeze. 


  • It can cut veggies into thick or thin strips.
  • Easy to hold in hand and clean up.
  • Comfortable and balanced handle.
  • Great for salads. wok dishes, and garnishes.


  • The peeler is right handed only if you cut, drawing the blade toward yourself.

Triangle Julienne Cutting Tool

[amazon box=”B00DZP6JG6″ ]

The Triangle Julienne Cutting Tool is used for cutting vegetables in order to create thin, even strips. This tool is great for making veggies for roast beef or turkey. When cut, the vegetables will create long, thin, curly strips that are perfect for wrapping around roast beef or turkey.

The Triangle Julienne Cutting Tool is also ideal for creating vegetables that are perfect for sandwich wrap. The strips are long and thin to create a much easier eating experience when it is time to eat the sandwich wrap.

Its handle is seamlessly fitted, so it can avoid bending. The sharp blade can glide gently on any hard surface to get the high efficient cutlines.


  • It can cut vegetables into different shapes.
  • Easy to use and wash.
  • Sharp.
  • Ideal to make roast dishes.
  • Safe with a blade protector.


  • The food may be stuck into the peeler if you are not careful.

Kuhn Rikon Julienne Peeler

[amazon box=”B0000CEWJD” ]

The Kuhn Rikon Julienne Peeler is a great kitchen tool for making perfect noodles. It’s dishwasher safe but you should wash it by hand, which is a plus for any kitchen tool. This product is also very affordable.

The Kuhn Rikon Julienne Peeler is an affordable and easy to use kitchen tool for making noodles. It has the ergonomic design to use for both left and right hand. This kitchenware is also razor because it is made from Japanese stainless steel.


  • Save cost.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ultra sharp blade.
  • It makes very thin julienne strips.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • You should clean it by hand.

Sunkuka Julienne Peeler

[amazon box=”B01LYWRRIT” ]

The Sunkuka Julienne Peeler is a good buy for someone who want to make many veggies with a comfortable handle and razor blade.

This peeler has a cutting blade that will cut everything into skinny strips and it will save the time and cutting skills it would take to do the same thing with a knife. 

The peeler is made of 18/8 stainless steel so it will not rust and it is dishwasher safe, so the blades will never get ruined.


  • Multipurpose kitchenware.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Very sharp and durable.
  • The customer service is excellent.
  • It includes a Cleaning Brush Pro.


  • Keep it away from children.

Mueller 4 in 1 Swift Julienne Vegetable Peeler

[amazon box=”B07PWG9BBX” ]

The Mueller 4 in 1 Swift Julienne Vegetable Peeler is one of the best peelers I have ever used. It is simple and easy to use and it is fast. With this peeler I can peel carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, and apples in a matter of minutes. 

The peeler also cuts potatoes and apples into thin slices. I use this peeler for many different dishes including salads, stir fry, and potato and apple pies.

The sturdy ergo comfy grip has the physical support and silicone thumb to help you avoid cutting into the hand. The blade is surgical grade made from stainless steel for build to long lasting.

I would absolutely recommend this product for people who love cocktails. This peeler can cut citrus easily to add beautiful cups of cocktail. It is perfect to make tasty pickle chips.


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Slices easily.
  • Ideal for cocktails and pickles.


  • Don’t clean it in the dishwasher.

Deiss PRO Dual Julienne Peeler

[amazon box=”B00LKRZ9Y4″ ]

I was impressed with the Deiss PRO Dual Julienne Peeler because it had a modern look and a sleek design. This razor peeler is a multifunctional tool to prepare many foods. 

This peeler is also durable due to its high-quality stainless steel material, so it can resist rust. The nonslip handle is comfortable to hold even when your hand sticks oil or water.

I liked that it was very easy to use and was dishwasher safe. Overall, it is a good product.


  • Multifunction.
  • Handles are comfortable
  • Sturdy and compact.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Included cooking ebook.


  • Sometimes it can’t cut classic julienne strips.

UberChef Premium Ultra Sharp Julienne Peeler

[amazon box=”B00KEVG4L4″ ]

UberChef Premium Ultra Sharp Julienne Peeler is one of the favorite kitchenware of home chefs and master chefs. It is made from stainless steel so this peeler is very sharp and cuts through vegetables with ease and I expect it will last a long time.

I love that it is so sharp. I think this peeler is great for making spaghetti-like noodles out of vegetables.


  • Sharp blades make it easy to peel, slice, and julienne.
  • Lightweight design is comfortable to use.
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • 100 percent warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Stainless steel for durability.
  • The blade is sharp.


  • None.

LIOLI Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Dual Julienne & Vegetable Peeler

[amazon box=”B00FF75XG4″ ]

I have been looking for a good peeler for quite some time. I have gone through several other models before getting this one. They are either too sharp where they will cut your fingers or too dull so they are not effective in peeling vegetables until I got this peeler.

I love its two blades – one for julienne and the other for straight peeling. It is made of stainless steel which makes it durable and easy to clean. I have had this peeler for months, and it still looks brand new. You can use it to handle butternut squash and pumpkin easily.


  • Sharp blade that cuts vegetables easily.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Durable.
  • Ideal to tackle butternut squash and pumpkin.
  • The manufacturer lets users access secret recipes.
  • Refund and replacement policies.
  • Include a cleaning brush.


  • It is relatively large to hold in hand.

OXO Good Grips Prep Julienne Y-Peeler 11259100

[amazon box=”B07L5D3QQ8″ ]

The OXO Good Grips Prep Julienne Y-Peeler is a tool that is used to peel and cut vegetables and fruit. It has a non-slip grip and a Y-shaped peeler.

This tool is very easy to use, and it has a non-slip grip. The Y-shaped peeler will make it easier to peel and cut vegetables and fruit. I like how easy it is to use this tool.

A Y-shaped peeler is a new tool that can make it easier to peel and cut vegetables and fruit. This tool has the advantage of its design, which allows for easy use. The Y-shaped peeler has a handle on one end with two blades at the other end.

The Y-shaped peeler is one of the most common cooking utensils in use today. There are two blades at the end of the handle. One blade is positioned on the horizontal axis and the other is on a 45-degree angle forming an x. By using these two blades, cooks can easily remove any unwanted skin or peel from their food.


  • Easy to use.
  • Nonslip handle.
  • Durable and sharp.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • The exposed blade may make you injured.

ZYLISS Julienne Peeler

[amazon box=”B078YNM87K” ]

The Zyliss Julienne Peeler is an excellent tool for making vegetable dishes which are full of flavor. The peeler is also great for making foods like coleslaw and apple sauce. 

This peeler can reduce the cooking time in half and withstand damage because the stainless-steel blades are acid etched. wide, and serrated.

You will also be comfortable while using it thanks to the light and fatigue handle. The built in spot cutter removes rapidly  imperfections on the fruit surface.

Overall, you won’t be disappointed with the quality or durability of this peeler.


  • It doesn’t slip when in use.
  • No fatigue while holding.
  • It slices vegetables, fruits, and potatoes quickly and uniformly
  • This peeler has a lifetime warranty.
  • Recommend cutting carrots and zucchini noodles.


  • It cuts food with little difficulty.

How To Choose The Best Julienne Peeler

best julienne peeler

Before purchasing any peeler, you have to consider some factors. If you do not know how to do this, we will help you with a few tips. Let’s scroll down to discover.


The slicers and peelers may threaten the appendages due to their ultra-sharp blade. Hence, you have to choose the best julienne peeler with the blade guard. Thus, the peelers can’t hurt you.  


best julienne peeler

Blades are important factors to choose the best julience peeler. They have to be sharp to cut vegetables and fruits quickly. Thus, you do not need to take much effort to handle food before cooking.The low-grade metal or plastic product is often a bit challenging to use. You should invest in a product made from high-end materials such as stainless steel.


Your kitchen usually has a lot of kitchenware and it can contain another bulky thing. Therefore, you should purchase a compact peeler with a simple design and structure. It would be best if it owns a hanging hook. You can hang the peeler on the wall after cleaning.

Hence, you will be able to store all kitchenware together instead of spending a space to keep a large piece of equipment or putting them messly on the countertop.

Ease Cleaning Up

best julienne peeler

After cooking, most people are afraid of cleaning up the kitchen because they are too tired. Hence, easy clean-up peelers are perfect. The peeler does not require too much effort to wash that is an ideal choice.

The best julienne peeler is often dishwasher safe or you can use mild soap and a sponge to clean it. You should not buy a peeler, which has tiny crannies and nooks because it takes much time to clean carefully.


I think you may be experiencing soreness or cramping while cutting food for cooking meals. So you should pick a product that makes you comfortable to hold in hand. 

The ergonomic and nonslip handles are excellent to choose. These handle types help you peel and slice easily without fatigue. And they can make sure your safe and stability during cooking.

Easy to Use

best julienne peeler

Some kitchenware include many departments and you may find it difficult to use them. However, the best julienne peeler should not be in there. You should buy a tool that has a bulky design with complex parts such as nozzles. A peeler is easy to use that is ideal for your kitchen.

Besides, the instruction has to be also easy to read, thus, you can understand how the tool works quickly.


The peeler with different blade settings can help you cut many food types with other thicknesses and lengths. If you only need the julienne cutter, you do not have to spend much money for a multiple feature product, a simple peeler is the right choice.

Intended to Use

best julienne peeler

Before purchasing a julienne peeler, let’s consider frequency to use. If you use it frequently, buying a peeler is reasonable. If not, you should utilize an available knife to slice.

A standard peeler is ideal for those who do not have a plan to use it every day. Meanwhile, a multifunctional peeler with high quality is suitable for daily use


best julienne peeler
The Best Julienne Peeler: The Great Way To Build A Healthy Lifestyle 17

The peeler’s prices depend on the product quality and features. Generally, the julienne peeler is affordable. Unless you buy a large kitchenware with other settings, you have to spend more money.

You should consider your budget to buy the suitable peeler.

How To Slice Vegetable And Fruits With A Julienne Peeler

best julienne peeler

To slice veggies effectively with the julienne peeler, let’s follow the below guideline.

Step 1: Wash and prepare vegetables and fruits

Clean vegetables and fruits with fresh water. You can peel some veggies such as carrots, beets, etc.

If you eat cucumbers, let’s soak them in water for longer and keep the shell to get the brittleness.

Step 2: Slice

You should hold veggies tightly to avoid getting injured. Your fingers have to be far from the blade.

Put the peeler on the top of the vegetables, press and slide gently. Repeat until the veggies become strips. The leftovers may be for salads, stews, or soups.

best julienne peeler

Step 3: Clean and Store

If you do not use the julienne peeler instantly, you should place it in a box and put it in the fridge to prevent it from fading. The lemonade can avoid the discoloration.

After slicing, clean it by and or with the dishwasher. If you wash the peeler by hand, let’s remove the debris between each sawtooth with a toothpick, then use mild soap and a sponge to clean. 

Drying it entirely and hanging it on a hook if it is possible. 

FAQs About The Best Julienne Peeler

What is a julienne peeler?

best julienne peeler

The julienne peeler is a hand-held kitchenware to slice vegetables and fruits into slim strips or ribbons. It is a must-have item in your kitchen. The julienne peeler can help you make veggies dishes within a few seconds

The julienne peeler is great to zesting, thus, you can add garnishes to get slightly different dishes. Making salad toppings is also simpler. Thin fruit and vegetable strips are easier to eat. This kitchenware is quick to use and saves your time and money.

The julienne peeler is the same as the Y-peeler, however it has jagged sharp edges compared to the straight peeling blades.

What is the difference between a julienne peeler and vegetable spiralizer?

These kitchenware offer the same results (the finished products have similar thicknesses), but they have some differences.

best julienne peeler

The julienne peeler provides short slices (potato fries). In contrast, the vegetable spiralizer creates slender and long strings.

The vegetable spiralizer is often not large. It requires much effort to handle a huge amount of veggies via a full spiral. It is a fixed kitchenware, and you need to crank to make spirals.

Meanwhile, the julienne slicer is often an attachment for larger pieces of equipment. It is a hand-held tool and does not take much effort to use.  

What foods can you julienne?

The julienne is a method to slice veggies such as cucumbers, carrots, squash, zucchinis, potatoes, etc. However, this tool is unlimited to use, you can apply it for other foods based on the basic knowledge about cooking to make new dishes.

What can I use the julienne peeler?

best julienne peeler

You can use the julienne peeler for anything you like. You can utilize it to create tasty salads, or adding toppings for pasta, toast dishes, sandwiches, snacks, etc.

How do I use a julienne peeler for each veggie type?

When you use the julienne peeler for the first time, you should be careful to avoid getting hurt. You also have to put veggies on a cutting board to slice.

Each peeler may have different purposes based on your vegetables you want to cut. First, press and keep veggies tightly on the cutting board, slide the peeler from top to down. The rest hand holds the veggies at the top, ensuring your fingers are away from the blade.

best julienne peeler

When you’re done slicing, shake the strips off the peeler and return to the topside and repeat these steps until your vegetable is entirely cut.

If you cut a potato, you have to cut it into half lengthwise. Then, your rest hand needs to create an angle of 45 degrees on the cutting board and cut them from upside to downside.

For root veggies (ex. turnips, beets, etc.), you have to cut them in half. Put the half of the cut side on the cutting board and run the peeler from top to down. Do it again with the other half.

Can I cut an onion with a julienne peeler?

best julienne peeler

Yes, you can do it with a julienne peeler although onions often have many layers. First, take a knife to peel the onion, and its roots and stem. Next, cut an onion into half.

To julienne onions, make the angle cuts through them by using the peeler along with their grain. After that, you can divide onion layers by tossing.

Do I have to sharpen a julienne peeler?

best julienne peeler

You should sharpen your julienne peeler by using a knife because any cut tool will wear out over time. You can run the paring knife tip via the blade to sharpen. Sharpening a peeler helps maintain it very well before buying a new one.

What does julienne cut mean?

I think many people do not know what julienne means. In French, “julienne” is cut veggies in slim strips. A French chef invented and named this cutting method.

best julienne peeler

Why should I buy a julienne peeler?

Buying a julienne peeler can reduce the nuisance when you slice veggies and fresh fruits. This kitchenware is helpful to peel fruits and veggies. Thus, you can cook delicious dishes quickly such as salads, stir-fries, noodles, etc., because it can shape your veggies fast.

Slicing veggies and fruits into thin strips is also easy to eat. It is suitable for those who want to reduce weight because they need to eat food slowly with small pieces.

Besides, the julienne peeler does not take up your space in the kitchen. You can store it in a cabinet corner or hang it on the wall. It is truly an effective kitchenware to save your cost.


After reviewing, I think the best choice is FOKRIM Magic Trio Peeler Slicers Shredders with Spiralizer, Julienne, Cutter and Grater Kitchen Helper.

[amazon box=”B094ZLZ9KH” ]

This is a kitchenware product set that includes a julienne peeler, a spiralizer, and a grater. Its blade is made from stainless steel and very sharp to handle all vegetables and fruits with exact cutlines. Their handles are comfortable to hold. Thanks to this tool set, you can prepare foods quickly and flexibly. After cleaning, you can hang them on the wall with a hook easily to save storage space in the kitchen.

The julienne peeler is truly a helpful kitchenware to handle every vegetable and fruit into easy-to-eat shape. It can save your cooking time and money for purchasing other bulky appliances. Now, eating veggies is as simple as ever. Thanks to the best julienne peeler, you can create a healthy lifestyle with a balanced and nutritious diet that has many fruits and vegetables. Refer to our top list and pick your own top choice.

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