The Best Food Dehydrator Under $100 Keeps You and Your Family Healthy

There are many reasons to purchase a food dehydrator, but the most important one is that they keep you and your family healthy. You can find them in stores, online, or even make your own. However, if you want to save money, we advise you to choose the best food dehydrators under $100.

A dehydrator is a good investment for your health and wallet. A food dehydrator will allow you to cook delicious, nutritious foods that are easy on your budget and schedule. They’re affordable and they work just as well as more expensive models. Plus, they’ll last longer than cheaper models because of their quality construction

But with so many different models available on the market today which one should you choose? That is the reason why we’ve researched hundreds of reviews from customers to compile this list of some great options for you to refer to.

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  • Best for adjust temperature easily: [amazon link=”B0090WOCN0″ title=”Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator” /]
  • Best for powerful performance: [amazon link=”B08Z5QXY45″ title=”Homewell Food Dehydrator Machine Dryer” /]
  • Best for manage timer easily: [amazon link=”B008H2OEKK” title=”Presto 06301 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator” /]
  • Best for drying different kinds of food: [amazon link=”B01IA3HCTU” title=”Cuisinart DHR-20 Food Dehydrator” /]

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Best Food Dehydrator Under $100 Reviews 2022

AUODGDNT Food Dehydrator Machine

[amazon box=”B08QHWMZ95″ ]

The AUODGDNT Food Dehydrator Machine is a high-quality and durable food dehydrator that has been designed to be easy to use, clean, and store. It’s easy to use with the smart LED touch screen that lets you control the time and temperature in 30-minute increments.

Besides, the machine runs quietly at less than 48dB so it won’t add unwanted noise into your kitchen or annoy people around you. When it’s done drying, it will automatically stop for safety purposes. It also features an advanced air circulation system that makes it possible for you to dry your foods without overheating them, as well as a 10″x12″ (6) tray capacity which can accommodate your family’s favorite snacks.

In addition, this machine also comes with 50 recipes so you can get started right away. The fan distributes heat uniformly and hot air will circulate until it reaches your desired temperature. The inside cavity and tray are made of stainless steel which makes it durable and easy to clean. And with the 360-degree hot air circulation under the condition of horizontal airflow quickly dried preserves nutrients and enzymes.


+ Stainless steel side

+ Durable

+ Easy to use

+ Run quietly

+ The fan distributes heat evenly

+ Hot air circulation


– Small capacity

Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

[amazon box=”B0090WOCN0″ ]

If you are looking for an affordable and efficient food dehydrator, then the Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator is perfect for your needs. This machine has 600 watts of drying power that provides even heat distribution and consistent drying that is four times faster than other food dehydrators. The adjustable temperature control (from 95°F to 160°F) brings to you the flexibility to get the best results when drying different foods that need varying temperature settings.

There are five trays included with this machine and it expands up to 12 trays so you can dry large quantities at once without any tray rotation needed! Not only does this product have great features but also a vita save exterior which blocks harmful light from retaining more nutrients and vitamins during the drying process.

This machine has a timer that can be set for up to 48 hours and a digital display that is easy to read. This machine also includes two drying sheets for fruit leather, non-stick mesh screens for larger foods such as herbs and flowers, four clean-a-screen dehydrator sheets, and one jerky gun with three attachments. And when the timer goes off, the machine will automatically shut off so you don’t have to worry about your food burning.


+ 600 watts of power

+ Large temperature control range

+ Twelve trays

+ 4 times faster than others


– May be unable to import meat or fish

Homewell Food Dehydrator Machine Dryer

[amazon box=”B08Z5QXY45″ ]

If you want to make healthy snacks and meal-prep with the Homewell 5-tray dehydrator, this is it! With a powerful heating element that evenly circulates heat throughout the dehydrator for fast, evenly dry vegetables, fruits, nuts, treats, meat, or herbs.

Even if you are allergic to certain foods or don’t like preservatives–you can make exactly what you like with complete control of all features on the easy control panel. And there are five stackable trays so you can dry multiple items at once, with an easy-to-use control panel. The Homewell has settings ranging from 95°F to 158°F, which will give you the best results based on your preference.

You can also set time from 30 minutes to 24 hours without any worries of burning or over-drying your fruit or vegetables! This product is UL certified and includes 120v/60Hz Standard USA wall outlet. Now there’s no need to worry about purchasing expensive organic produce when you can dehydrate your own.


+ Powerful heating element

+ Easy to use control panel

+ Five trays

+ UL certified


– Bulky in size

Presto 06301 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator

[amazon box=”B008H2OEKK” ]

No more food waste. You can save money and preserve your family’s health with the Presto 06301 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator. This six-tray system is perfect for drying foods like jerky, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and more. It allows you to dehydrate foods at a fraction of the cost of commercially dried foods with no additives or preservatives.

Drying times are easy to manage too! With a digital thermostat and timer, you can choose from. The digital thermostat combined with the timer allows precise drying time temperature, with drying temperatures varying from 90°F to 165°F.

The bottom-mounted fan provides constant airflow for optimum drying without rotation needed. With all these features, the Presto 06301 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator is a must-have appliance for any household.


+ Easy to manage

+ No need for rotation

+ Not require turning off to rotate racks

+ Can be used for many types of food


– Nothing

Cuisinart DHR-20 Food Dehydrator

[amazon box=”B01IA3HCTU” ]

If you’ve been looking for the best food dehydrator under $100, then you need to look no further. The Cuisinart DHR-20 Food Dehydrator has many great features that make it perfect for drying a wide variety of foods including herbs, meats, fruits, vegetables, and more.

It also preserves foods naturally with no additives or preservatives necessary! This powerful 620-watt motorized fan will have your food dried fast without any hassle. You can adjust the temperature to meet your needs are based on whether you want to dry foods only (fan only), low heat which is good for delicate items like herbs and flowers.

Combined with the adjustable temperature control, it will make it easy to dry foods in your preferred settings. And because you can get up to 9 trays from this item, there’s plenty of space for all of your favorite snacks.


+ 620-watt motorized fan

+ Adjustable control of temperature

+ Get up to 9 trays

+ No need for additives or preservatives


– No have any modern or value features

Food Party Food Dehydrator Machine with 50 Recipes

[amazon box=”B098JTS848″ ]

The Food Party Food Dehydrator Machine with 50 Recipes is one of the best items you can try because it comes with a recipe book of 50 recipes, 1 mesh screen, 1 towel, and 1 fruit roll sheet. The machine has 6 stacks of dishwasher-friendly transparent trays that make checking during the drying process easy due to their see-through nature.

With a longer drying time of up to 72 hours and a smart timer function, this machine makes drying your food as easy as possible. This machine is easy-to-use with its timer settings from 95°F to 160°F. You can also adjust the temperature to your liking, making it a versatile choice for all your food drying needs.

It has a smart timer that will shut off the machine automatically when it’s done, so you don’t have to worry about over-drying your food or forgetting to turn it off. It has been BPA-free and ETL Listed, making it safe for you to use at home. If you’re looking for a way to preserve your food so it can last longer this product might be right up your alley.


+ Easy to use with timer settings

+ Have a smart timer

+ Shut off automatically function

+ BPA-free and ETL listed

+ Longer using a timer

+ Washable


– It takes a little longer to dry food items

Ultrean Food Dehydrator Machine

[amazon box=”B091KQV3WW” ]

Are you looking for a dehydrator that can make healthy and cost-saving snacks? The Ultrean Food Dehydrator Machine is the answer. It’s ideal restaurant equipment for cooks, and it comes with 5 stackable trays that each layer can be adjusted to 2 heights.

With this cooking appliance, you can make portable food for your road trips, 100% natural fruit leathers for your kids, and healthy and cost-saving snacks for your lovely pet. This small kitchen appliance features overheat protection and auto shut-off function so it prevents the unit from overheating; constructed with a stainless steel base and high-quality BPA-free plastic trays, this home appliance is much safer to use than other models.

It can be used to make portable snacks for road trips, healthy and cost-saving snacks for pets, or ideal restaurant equipment for cooks. With this machine, you’ll be able to adjust the time and temperature settings with ease. The design of this home appliance also includes a stainless steel base and high-quality BPA-free plastic trays that are dishwasher safe making clean-up easier than ever before.

This unit has an ETL-listed and FDA compliant design which features overheat protection and auto shut-off function to keep it from overheating while preserving nutrients in your food longer.


+ Durable material

+ Keep food fresh for up to 50% longer

+ ETL-listed and FDA compliant

+ Overheat protection

+ Auto shut-off function


– Take up some counter space

Elite Gourmet Food Dehydrator

[amazon box=”B08BSY4DVH” ]

Elite Gourmet Food Dehydrator is a kitchen essential for anyone who wants to eat healthily. It will help you enjoy all the benefits of eating raw foods without having to spend hours in the kitchen preparing them from scratch, and it makes a perfect gift for any health-conscious loved one.

It has an ETL Listed at 350W of power / 120V and dishwasher-safe removable trays and lid. This product ensures that all your healthy snacks will be processed without any added sugars, additives, or preservatives. The only disadvantage to this device is it cannot be used outdoors because it is not waterproof.

This dehydrator has adjustable time/temperature settings so food can be prepared at its optimal state. And it comes with clear trays that allow you to monitor your progress while drying. Elite Gourmet Food Dehydrator is a new and innovative way of preparing healthy snacks for your family. It has adjustable time/temperature from 95ºF to 158ºF and can last up to 24 hours, so you can dehydrate foods at their optimal time/temperature.

With no added sugars or preservatives, Elite Gourmet Food Dehydrator is perfect for people with allergies and anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. The even heat distribution means that dehydration will occur more quickly and evenly too.


+ Adjustable time and temperature

+ Using time can last up to 24 hours

+ Operate quickly and evenly

+ Dishwasher safe


– Not have a waterproof feature

Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Food Dehydrator

[amazon box=”B012CG8N26″ ]

Do you want to know the best food dehydrator under $100? Well, this Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Food Dehydrator is perfect for you. It has all of the features that you need to get the job done, including a timer with auto-shutoff and an adjustable thermostat.

First, it has a timer that automatically shuts off after 48 hours and an adjustable digital thermostat that lets you control the temperature (between 100-160 degrees Fahrenheit). The product is designed for home use and has an easy-to-see digital display.

It also includes two fruit roll sheets and one tray of jerky spice so you can start making your own dried foods right away. This food dehydrator also comes with five stackable drying trays and one fine-mesh sheet for your dried herbs or fruit rolls. The Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Food Dehydrator gives you quality without breaking the bank.


+ Easy to use control

+ Sleek design

+ Timer with auto-shutoff

+ Temperature is between 100°F and 160°F


– There are no cons to this product

OSTBA 240W Food Dehydrator

[amazon box=”B0828613J4″ ]

The OSTBA 240W Food Dehydrator offers a simple operation, just rotate the knob to power on/off and set optimal temperature. The dehydrator is designed with dishwasher-safe trays for easy cleanup after finishing food drying. It also has 5 different sizes of food racks that can stack on top of each other.

And dishwasher-safe trays and stainless steel panel means easy-peasy cleanup after finishing food drying. With accurate temperature from low for apple slices to high for jerky, the dehydrated food keeps all the natural vitamins and minerals in it as well as being an old but tried preservation method that requires no refrigeration or chemicals.

OSTBA 240W Food Dehydrator is a great dehydrating machine for any kind of food. It can be used to make dried fruits, beef jerky, and more. The unit has temperature control between 96 and 158°F which can help you dry different types of foods. There’s even a transparent window cover so you can watch the drying process as it happens!

This machine will take your dishes to the next level with its many features including an easy operation knob and adjustable temperature control. OSTBA 240W Food Dehydrator is perfect for anyone who wants delicious snacks or preserves that keep all their natural vitamins and minerals intact.


+ Dishwasher-safe trays

+ 5 different sizes of racks

+ Easy to use

+ Accurate temperature

+ Simple operation knob


– Require electricity

MasterChef Food Dehydrator w 5 Trays and Digital Temperature Controls

[amazon box=”B079LPNZMW” ]

MasterChef Food Dehydrator w 5 Trays and Digital Temperature Controls is a dehydrating machine that includes adjustable temperature and time settings to permit you to choose the perfect one for each kind of food you have. There are five large drying trays/racks for making big batches and/or a variety of food all at once.

It also includes a recipe guide. The LCD makes this product easy-to-use with different foods, such as healthy fruits, beef jerky, vegetable snacks, dehydrated flowers, etc. So you can not only get it to use but also get it to make a gift.


+Durable PC material

+ Rust-proof

+ Smudge-proof

+ Five trays for large capacity

+ Adjustable temperature and time



– A little difficult to clean

COSORI Food Dehydrator (CFD-N051-W)

[amazon box=”B09GFVL7QX” ]

The COSORI Food Dehydrator is a device that allows you to dehydrate food so it can last longer. It’s perfect for those who love to cook but don’t have the time or space to do so. It also saves money because instead of purchasing fresh produce every day, you can buy bulk and then dry it out at home. The perfect addition to any kitchen, this dehydrator comes with everything you need for an easy start.

With precise temperature control, adjustable tray height, and quiet cooking, this food machine will have your dishes ready in no time at all. Additionally, this model comes with a timer as well as digital controls which make it even easier than ever before to cook your food. The adjustable tray height is designed to provide you with more space inside the dehydrator, allowing you to fit larger food items if need be.

This model also comes with quiet cooking that keeps noise levels under 50dB, meaning it won’t disturb you while it works overnight. With an automatic shutoff feature and heat protection, this machine is designed to be as safe as possible for you and your family. All in all, this thing does wonder for preserving food without breaking the bank or taking up too much space in your kitchen.


+ Convenient

+ Quiet

+ Easy to use

+ Durable exterior

+ Can be easily wiped clean

+ Shutdown automatically feature


– The timer can be inaccurate

Vchiming Electric Food Dehydrator Machine

[amazon box=”B08VG9RF41″ ]

The Vchiming Electric Food Dehydrator Machine makes it easy for anyone to try their hand at making high-quality dried foods like beef jerky and fruits with little fuss and mess – just add food, set the timer, and let the machine do all of the work. The dehydrator has five stackable trays which hold up to 30 liters of food each without taking up much space in your cupboard.

All of the trays are BPA-free so you don’t have to worry when it comes time for cleaning. Not only that, but they are all removable and safe for dishwashers. The machine is easy to operate and even easier to clean – just a quick wipe with a damp cloth or sponge is all it takes.

The dehydrator has five temperature settings that range from 95 to 154.4 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can dry different types of food without any issue at all! Plus, the digital timer can be set for anywhere from 1 hour to 28 hours so you can have precise control over the entire process.


+ Easy to operate and clean

+ Digital timer

+ 30-liter capacity

+ Temperature from 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 154.4 degrees Fahrenheit


– None

NutriChef Professional Food Dehydrator Machine

[amazon box=”B01DO0ZR7I” ]

Many people enjoy eating healthy meals and snacks as a way to maintain their health. By dehydrating fruits, vegetables, or herbs at home with this NutriChef Professional Food Dehydrator Machine you can make healthy chips and snacks that will keep for long periods without spoiling.

This machine is easy to use and clean thanks to its stackable trays and built-in temperature control system that allows you to choose the drying level from low (95 degrees Fahrenheit) up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with 5 removable stackable food trays or dryer trays which are very handy when not using the machine itself.

Plus it has high heat circulation designed by scientists that helps preserve food shelf life by removing moisture content while retaining 97% of the food’s original nutrients. The dehydrator is designed to last for years with its premium stainless steel material and can even be used to preserve beef jerky.


+ Easy to use and clean

+ High heat circulation

+ Premium stainless steel material

+ Five removable food trays


– Take longer to dehydrate food

Commercial Chef Food Dehydrator (CCD100W6)

[amazon box=”B075ZB3V9S” ]

If you want to make healthy snacks and enjoy fresh, delectable foods at home but don’t know how to do it, the Commercial Chef Food Dehydrator (CCD100W6) is perfect for you. This 9.92″ x 9.43″ x 7.01″ food dehydrator removes moisture and locks in the original, nuanced flavors of your favorite snacks like homemade jerky or fruit roll-ups with 280W of power!

It also features 5 circular trays that are enough to hold most food items and create uniform drying as well as a temperature ranging from 104 to 158° F so you can determine the optimal setting easily.

Cleanup is easy because the dishwasher-safe trays are also easy to store. Finally, the Commercial Chef Food Dehydrator (CCD100W6) is a healthy way to snack because it helps you keep up with your New Year’s resolutions! Get this fantastic kitchen appliance today and make all the snacks you’ve been dreaming of.


+ Made of non-stick plastic

+ Easily fit most food items

+ Dishwasher safe

+ Temperature ranges 104 to 158° F


– Require a lot of space

Best Food Dehydrator Under $100 Benefits

Food dehydrators are appliances that are used to dry food. They can be used to dry fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish. Dehydrating food is a way of preserving it. It also reduces the weight of the food, which makes it easier to store and transport. Dehydrated food also lasts longer than fresh food. An affordable range that still works well is the best food dehydrator under $100.

best food dehydrator under $100

• Dries food without adding unhealthy preservatives or chemicals

• Keeps moisture levels low, which lengthens the shelf life of your food

• Is easy to clean and maintain with removable trays

• Reduces bacteria growth during storage

• Shrinks your products for easier living spaces

• Get the crispy and healthy food you crave

• Have a huge variety of options to choose from

• Save money by buying in bulk

• Cook/prepare any type of food with ease

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Food Dehydrator Under $100

The best food dehydrator under $100 is a great appliance to have in your home. It can be used for drying fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish. This article will outline six factors you should keep in mind when choosing the best food dehydrator under $100.

best food dehydrator under $100

The Size

The size of the food being dried will determine what kind of machine is needed- if it’s small pieces like berries, then a smaller machine may work fine but if there is a lot of food to be dried, then a larger machine would be necessary.

The Number of Trays

One of the most important features to look for when choosing the best food dehydrator is the number of trays it has. This will determine how much food can be dried at once and also the time it takes to dry the food.

The Durability

It is important to find a machine that is durable and will last a long time. The best food dehydrator under $100 should be made from high-quality materials that can withstand everyday use.

The Control

When choosing the best food dehydrator under $100, it is important to look for a model that has good control. This will ensure that the food is dried evenly and quickly. The control also allows you to choose the level of dryness you want your food to be at.

The Temperature

The temperature of the dehydrator is also important to consider when making your purchase. Some models have a wider range of temperatures so you can dry different types of food.

The Technology

One of the many factors to consider when choosing a food dehydrator is technology. Food dehydrators use heat and air circulation to dry out your food. The best food dehydrators have a heater that can be turned up or down. They also have fans to blow hot air around and circulate it to remove moisture from the food. Other features include a timer, which turns off after a certain amount of time, and racks in which you can put your trays so they can dry out evenly.

FAQs about Best Food Dehydrator Under $100

best food dehydrator under $100

Q: How long does it take to dry food?

A: It takes 2 to 3 hours for food to dry for best results. It’ll take two to three hours for any type of food to work well in the dehydrator. Fruit leathers will require a few more minutes than large fruit pieces, so you’ll need at least five hours of total drying time.

Q: Is there any issue with cleaning up after use?

A: It is advisable to clean the food dehydrator promptly after use. Water can collect in this appliance, which can lead to bacteria growth if not cleaned off immediately. It is also advised that one dries the base of the machine with a rag or cloth after use, but be aware that if it has any nuts or seeds in it then the cloth may carry over oils into other foods being dried at a later time.

Q: Is there any type of fruit or food that cannot be dried in a food dehydrator?

A: No, anything can be dried in a food dehydrator. It is advised that one dries the base of the machine with a rag or cloth after use, but be aware that if it has any nuts or seeds in it then the cloth may carry over oils into other foods being dried at a later time.


If you’re looking for a high-quality food dehydrator that won’t break the bank, then look no further than our selection of best food dehydrators under $100. We how difficult it can be to find an affordable machine with all the features and functions needed to make your life easier. With so many options available on the market today, we’ve done all the hard work for you by narrowing down our list to six factors: size, number of trays, durability, control (how easy is it used?), temperature, and technology. Browse through our reviews below before making your final purchase decision.

But in our need, we think that we will choose the AUODGDNT Food Dehydrator Machine. Even though it has a little higher price compared with others, it is still worth it. Because it was made from safe and durable material. In addition, it also has some smart technologies to ensure safety, work more effectively and quietly.

[amazon box=”B08QHWMZ95″ ]

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