20+ Floor Dining Table Bringing Japanese Nuance Into House

Recently, there are some houses that have unique dining room interior styles. This unique decor idea applies the Japanese dining room style with a floor dining table set.

Besides the kitchen, the dining room is another functional room in the house. This room is specifically used as an eating area where the people usually eat together with all family members. In general, this room is maximized with a set of dining tables and some chairs depending on the dimension of the room.

Well, as everybody knows, this dining table set doesn’t involve any chair surrounding it, but floor cushions. Let’s check out these incredible dining table styles below!

Colorful Floor Dining Set with Printed Cushions

If you have a big desire in decorating your dining room in the traditional Japanese style, you will need some changes. The first change is by replacing the common dining table with a lower table. You can pick the table as long as you need based on the family members.

To make this eating area more comfortable for those family members, it is good to place stylish cushions to replace the common chair surrounding the dining table.

As a sample, this white skirted table is completed with some round floral printed cushions for sitting. As a twist, the owner adds a furry rug under the table so it can be felt between the cushions.

floor dining table

Minimalist Japanese Dining Table Decoration

The next inviting dining room idea comes in a minimalist decorating style. This dining room is purposely located next to the kitchen with a half wall as a divider. To bring warmth into this eating area, a wooden floor is displayed under the low wooden dining table.

There are four square cushions with white leather skirts placed surrounding the low table. There is a long white couch located on the right side of the dining table set.

This white dining room has built-in shelves with an improved fireplace between both shelves. Some mini cactus pots are arranged on the fireplace mantel as decoration.

Enjoyable Dining Area with Amazing Scenery

This dining area actually can be an additional chatting room where people can enjoy casual conversation while drinking their tea. It is located inside a contemporary apartment which is featured an amazing balcony to capture gorgeous scenery outside.

A wide comfortable carpet in cream is displayed to cover the wooden floor. And then a big round table is placed in the middle with some uncommon floor chairs.

Each chair has a fluffy cushion to make the user feel good while sitting on it. The quiet nuance in this super large living space makes this eating area relaxing.

Futuristic Mounted Low Dining Table In Dining Space

In a large futuristic house that is designed with a super high ceiling, a mounted low dining table is established. This table is totally unique and patented on the stairs where a big flat-screen TV is placed. It seems that this living space design is inspired by an art museum.

That’s why many items shown around the mounted dining table are a kind of art including those crafted miniatures standing on the stairs. It seems that there is a warmer area is built under the table.

Some square cushions are arranged in two different colors surrounding the table as a feature.

floor dining table

Traditional Japanese Dining Table Set

Deep traditional nuance can be felt in this dining area. This house certainly looks like a traditional Japanese house where a sliding door is installed as the main doorway. The floor of the house also looks higher than the ground.

This higher flooring concept is also applied to the dining area which is established as a mini stage inside the room. A stylish wicker table with a glass top is placed in the center of the stage.

Four-floor chairs with cushions are arranged on each side of the table for sitting. All of those furniture sets are in dark brown to contrast the lighter brown accent of the floor.

Thin Rectangular Table for Eating

A low table is involved in this floor dining area as the main furniture. This wide rectangular table has a thinner board with four small legs. It looks spacious to provide more people at once. That’s why about six cushions are prepared to surround the table for sitting.

Each cushion has a unique curved back to keep the user feeling comfortable during their eating activity. When this table is not in use, the user may use it as a chatting area with some decorative items placed on the table.

To make this area warmer, simple white and black checkers printed carpet is displayed under the floor dining table set.

Cheerful Dining Table Set for Big Family

This floor dining table has an extra-long rectangular shape. Although it is quite narrow, this floor table can give enough space for up to 16 people at once. In another word, we can arrange up to 16 plates on this low-floor table at once.

We even still can display some decorative items in the middle such as fresh green plants arranged inside transparent glass vases. Of course, a large carpet should be placed under the table so the people can feel warm during meal time.

Many floor cushions in the round and square shapes are spread around the table to complete the dining set.

floor dining table

Ultra Unique Dining Area with Bench

As an uncommon house style, this eco-friendly living space ensures every nook of the house can be utilized as efficiently as possible. It is including the dining room. Unlike other dining rooms in general, the dining room of this house is located a half floor lower than the first floor.

With a tree growing well closely, a little part of the first floor appears longer and more narrow to the dining area.

This part of the floor is used as a table in the dining area. To use the table, the owner has to place a long bench and chairs on both sides of the table.

Soft Floor Dining Table Idea with Rug

This recent floor dining table is very suitable for a cottage home style. It comes in a minimalist model with a mounting part in the center to display decorative items.

The lower part of the table is more spacious to serve everyday meals. There is no cushion placed on both sides of the table. To make it more efficient in space and budget, a wide furry rug is a cream accent is displayed under the table.

Even this rug has a couple of healthy pillows to allow the user to lay on the rug with it after mealtime is over.

Wooden Japanese Floor Table in Small Area

Without any rug or base covering the floor, this floor dining table set looks very simple in decor. It only consists of a small wooden table with two flat legs. This small table gives limited space for four people at once.

And it only allows you to put four plates for enjoying the meal. It means you need to serve your meal in the kitchen before it is taken and put on the plate.

White and yellow cushions are placed surrounding the table to keep this area fresh. A stunning side cabinet is placed on the right side to cover the wall. Some pots of plants are displayed close to another wall side.

floor dining table

Formal Styled Asian Dining Table with Low Chairs

Besides traditional Japanese dining room ideas, another Asia country that also involves the floor dining table in Korea. Similar to the Japanese dining table, the Korean floor table comes in a more modern concept with glass integrated on top.

This wooden table is large to provide room for more dishes and even hot pots. Six-floor chairs with cushions are arranged surrounding the table.

Similar to the floor table, some built-in cabinet near the table area is also designed at low height. And a vase of flowers is purposely placed on the cabinet to refresh this dining area as well.

Traditional Dining Room with Wooden Table

An awesome pink pendant is hung on the white ceiling to illuminate a Japanese traditional dining table set. This room is quite big with more room on the floor around the table set.

To help the user focus only on the dining area, the grey-colored fluffy mat is displayed. This mat is completely large to cover the dark floor under the wooden floor dining table.

Six square cushions are arranged surrounding the wooden table for sitting. A stylish side cabinet is located in the corner near the windows as storage. And an artistic calligraphy scroll is displayed on the center wall with a cove lamp above it.

floor dining table

Classic Western Floor Dining Table with Decorative Cushions

The shape of the dining table in this Western style is still rectangular. This table is made of wood with a natural pattern on the top. A stylish narrowed table skirt is displayed in the middle of the table with a glass vase of colorful flowers.

There are six printed cushions placed surrounding the table. Those cushions have a different print. Six eating sets are arranged neatly completed with forks and spoons on the table.

A Brown furry rug is displayed under the table and cushions to keep this area comfortable. This dining area is purposely located near the bay window.

Natural Asian Table for Dining Area

As an eco-friendly dining room, this room shows various natural furniture ideas which are purposely made of wood.

The high-quality wood material is used to make those furniture collections stylish yet natural in appearance. A long narrowed rectangular table is placed in the middle of the room. The wooden floor under the table has been firstly covered by a comfortable brown mat.

There are four circular cushions that are arranged neatly surrounding the table. Those cushions look perfect with the room theme. A big tall mirror is placed in the corner to enlarge the room space visually.

floor dining table

Cute Short Table with Stools in Small Space

Who says that stool is only perfect to be placed near a counter? Even today you can pair the stool with the floor dining table as desired. So, the stool must be designed to fit the floor dining table. It is like what we can see in the picture.

There are two square stools that are intentionally established with short legs. This stool is very simple in design with a black or white cushion on it.

Both stools are arranged to face each other under a wooden floor table. Those items are very stylish in the natural color scheme.

Simple Floor Table with Gripping Shaped Legs

An amazing idea is applied over this floor dining table. The uniqueness is found in the table legs. Generally, this table involves two sets of legs on its tips. Each of the legs has a gripping-shaped frame with a connecting point on the bottom.

There is a long rod on the base to let this table stand well. The long oval top looks elegant in a bare wooden scheme. And to complete this table set, a couple of white circular cushions are placed surrounding it.

Since this table comes in bare color, it will be suitable with any room color theme. At this point, the darker painted wall looks even greater than the bright one to emphasize the natural scheme of the wood on the table.

floor dining table

Romantic Floor Table for Candle Light Dinner

When you need a kind of romantic stuff in your living space at a special moment such as having a double or triple date with friends, setting your dining room in a romantic style is important. At this moment, using a floor dining table is preferable.

A white skirt covers the wooden floor table to hide the mess. And then decorate the centerpiece with candles and flowers. Golden eating ware such as a spoon, knife, and fork must be perfect to fit the white plate.

You need to arrange those things on the table as well. More romantic wall art including floral wall decal sounds great to try.

Highland Styled Dining Table

The glory of the Highland house will be seen in this dining room idea. In classic design, a wide wooden floor table is placed in the middle of the room. An old-fashioned carpet with a tassel is placed under the table.

There are some printed cushions spread around the table to bring comfortable touch to this floor dining area. A stylish green centerpiece is displayed on the table with some candles put on brass candle holders.

First of all, the centerpiece has narrowed skirt as the base. So, this Highland-styled floor dining table set looks a bit different from the living room set next to it.

Blue Themed Floor Dining Table

Blue-themed dining room must be a perfect idea to optimize the interior decoration in the beach house. We don’t need to make the entire room painted in blue. Just choose several items colored in blue to make this area so blue.

Perhaps, we can start with the cushions. In this dining room, blue-printed cushions look very amazing surrounding the wooden table.

Although this wooden table is not too large, the carpet area in this dining table set is full of those comfortable cushions. And that’s why it looks very unique. Look at the fresh centerpiece to refresh your mind as well.

floor dining table

Sunny Orange-Themed Dining Area

This time, the wooden dining table is designed in the square. The floor table is made of natural wood completed with its scratches displayed on the top.

Placed on a black and white diamond print rug, this wooden table looks so simple. Surprisingly, this dining area becomes full of happiness with those orange cushions placed surrounding the table.

To make this area natural and wild, a couple of bird paintings set in frames are displayed on the wall near the table set. As a centerpiece idea, a classic moveable oil lamp is beautified by cactus pots.

Long Floor Table for Outdoor Party

To hold an unforgettable garden party, it is nice to set your dining area in a traditional Japanese dining concept. In this case, we will need a very long floor dining table with a super long white carpet on the ground.

And then, we can put as many cushions as possible to make this sitting area comfortable for the guests. Choosing cushions in numerous colors will be great such as lime green, bright yellow, grey, and some with printed covers.

For the table centerpiece, colorful tall candles on bronze holders must be very interesting to have. Don’t forget to consider placing some greenery along the candles on the centerpiece.

Outdoor Dining Area with Picnic Cushions

Planning a pleasant picnic in your backyard must be a special moment during the holiday. Besides preparing numerous outdoor games to be played, we can prepare a super comfortable area for enjoying the barbeque.

Well, we don’t even need any new patio in your green backyard. Just take a comfortable carpet out. And bring as many cushions as you have inside the house to the backyard.

Don’t forget to bring the wooden floor dining table as a place where the barbeque will be served. With a small round tray, we can put a white vase of flowers as a centerpiece in the middle of the table.