Creamed Coconut Bombs In Rainbow Colours

What is creamed coconut bombs in rainbow colours? If there was some kind of stamp you could add to my eating habits over the last 6 months it must be COCONUT! Finally, after 26 years, I realized how much I love coconut and more importantly how healthy it is. I have previously talked about the benefits of coconut fat (read it here) and I keep on praising how amazing these particular chains of fatty acids deriving from coconut are. 

But coconut also has an impressive amount of dietary fiber, around 14 g per 100 g of fresh coconut meat. Since dietary fibers are important for optimal bowel function and health it should be a priority to get a sufficient amount, especially if you are eating a diet low in or without any grains, which is where coconut comes in quite handy. And do we need to mention how incredible the taste of coconut is – yummy!!

creamed coconut bombs in rainbow colours

So far my stable coconut products have included: Shredded coconut, roasted flakes, coconut milk, coconut fibers (for baking and really boosting the finer content of e.g. egg porridge), and of course coconut oil. I deliberately do not count in coconut sugar since it iii is a bit of a topic here. But a few weeks ago I finally got to experiment with a to me new coconut product; Creamed coconut is also known to some as coconut butter. 

The first time I played with it I completely burned it off, literally, a spin in the microwave and one large black hole later I had destroyed my block of delicate creamed coconut. I had assumed that it would behave almost like coconut oil (it is called butter, duh) but that was a huge mistake. After reading the label I discovered that creamed coconut is dehydrated coconut meat turned into a creamy paste, which becomes obvious once you slowly heat it.

Creamed coconut is something you could eat out of a jar. It is so delicious and sweet on its own and I bet it makes the most awesome frosting to spread on almost any baked goods. This time around I has chosen to use it as a snack or sweet treat that I call coconut bombs. You can barely call it a recipe since it is so damn easy, but still, the directions are great to follow if you are experimenting with creamed coconut for the very first time.

creamed coconut bombs in rainbow colours

One of the reasons I am so in love with these little bombs is that they are totally packed with all the nutrients from coconut, here we are talking magnesium, selenium, calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins C and E. And let’s not forget the incredible fiber and fat content that helps stabilize your blood sugar. Furthermore, you can boost them with any kind of flavor you want. Try different kinds of berries, coffee, honey, cocoa nibs, and dried fruit, and even coat them with chocolate. They can be enjoyed as a sweet treat, as a part of a snack meal, or even crumbled on top of your breakfast bowl.

And the best part is that creamed coconut is a ridiculously cheap product. I buy it at my local Asian store where I pay around 7 kr (1 euro) pr 200 g. So if you like me have a coconut crush and are intrigued to expand your coconut scale, you should definitely make a play date with a block of creamed coconut, and I can assure you many more will follow.

As a little blog info, I can tell you that I have now added a search function to the site. It is not perfect, but after testing many times, I think come up with the recipes or posts you are searching for, as long as you use simple search terms.

creamed coconut bombs in rainbow colours

Creamed Coconut Bombs

Makes around 20  pieces

Coconut vanilla base

200 g creamed coconut (coconut butter)

1 Tbsp coconut sugar or 3-4 stevia drops

1/4 tsp ground vanilla or beans from 1/2 pod

Chocolate flavor

1/3 portion of the base

1 tsp raw cocoa powder

1 tsp coconut sugar

creamed coconut bombs in rainbow colours

Raspberry flavor

1/3 portion of the base

6-8 raspberries, mashed (you can use frozen as well)


Melt the creamed coconut in a pot on very low heat while stirring. It has a texture like a paste when melted and tends to become golden or even burned very quickly so here patience is worth your while. When melted, add vanilla and sugar and make sure that all the sugar crystals melt into the coconut cream. Divide your portion into three. Mix the ingredients for chocolate and raspberry into each portion of the coconut base, and keep one portion clean for vanilla flavor.

Use a teaspoon to scoop up coconut cream into a chocolate mold or small cupcake mold – whatever you have on hand (an ice cube tray might work perfectly as well). Place the mold in the freezer for at least 30 min. Check if the coconut has firmed up before you remove the small bombs from the mold. You can choose to further coat the bombs with chocolate – this is really delicious as well. Or just enjoy them straight away. Store in fridge or freezer.

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