24 Crate Coffee Table To Keep The Amazing Drawing Room

The coffee table is a small and low table that is typically found among the couches. It is available in various designs and materials. The crate coffee table becomes one of numerous stylish coffee table models we can choose to complete our living room.

A drawing room or also known as a living room is a kind of room in the house where people welcome their guests.

This room usually has chairs and a couch with a coffee table and some cabinetry as furniture. In every set of sitting furniture, there will be at least a coffee table.

This set of chairs and coffee table is commonly located in the center of the room as the main point. Of course, this sitting set appears in various models to pick from. We can take a coffee table as a sample.

Recycled Coffee Table from Wooden Materials

The unique part of having a crate coffee table is the appearance of a recycled item which can be a stylish point in any living room.

This kind of coffee table is special, with four crates arranged at once to be a wide coffee table. Since it is made of a crate, the coffee table has open storage under the tabletop with a closed part on certain sides of the table.

The wooden crate coffee table is designed with a grid line on the top, sides, and bottom. That’s why we don’t need any cloth to cover the beauty of the table. On the other hand, it is better to place a fruit basket on it.

crate coffee table

Rectangle Shape Design with Dark Brown Paint

This time, the crate coffee table is made of six crates which are arranged together at once. The crates are arranged to form a rectangle with a rectangle hole in the middle. This middle part is covered by dark glass.

Painted in dark brown, this crate coffee table looks suitable for the living room theme. The homeowner purposely places a stack of books, a small vase of flowers, and a mug from drinking.

The main characteristic of the crate table is found on the grid line. This sign is also found on this rectangular coffee table, especially on the top.

White Coffee Table for Small Room

For a small living room, a small coffee table made of crates will be a great choice. This crate coffee table is made of four crates. Those crates are basically washed and then painted in clear white. The surface is smoothened to keep it sleek and stylish.

There are some open shelves created by the original shape of the crate on the side parts. These parts can be functional as storage.

There is a small hole found in the middle top of the table. To cover this mess, we can put a decorative wicker plate with some decorative rattan eggs displayed on it.

Big Table Furniture for Farmhouse Living Space

The next coffee table is also made of four crates, unlike other crate coffee tables, which have been described before. And these crates have bigger dimensions. No wonder the coffee table looks bigger.

And this size is suitable for this medium-sized living room. An elegant L-shaped sofa is placed to maximize this room. And the rustic crate coffee table is placed in the center with wild themed rug under it.

To sweeten this wooden crate coffee table, a small glass vase with fresh yellow flowers is placed on the table.

crate coffee table

Simple Wine Coffee Table with White Colors

Made of six crates, this rectangular coffee table looks quite hefty for holding some cups of coffee or tea when the guests are visiting. Those wine crates look clean since each is painted white. The rectangular coffee table is arranged nicely in this warm living room.

As usual, this crate coffee table has storage space under the top of the table. Some items are stored in the storage to keep the room tidy.

To make this table higher, this coffee table has legs. It is placed on a furry rug that looks matching to each other among the grey couch and chair.

Table Furniture with Glass Top Design and Wheels

For your patio, a crate coffee table with a glass top design seems to be glorious to consider. This outdoor coffee table is intentionally designed elegantly with a glass top and wheels.

The wheels are installed on each corner of the table bottom to help the owner move it when the rain is coming. Spacious storage is found under the glass top. Perhaps, it will be helpful to store some items or even ornaments.

Some low rattan chairs should be suitable to match this coffee table. It is also nice to put a vase of flowers on the glass top.

Cottage Coffee Table with Old Fashioned Paint

Bringing a little accent of old-fashioned ambiance into the living room with this cottage-styled coffee table is great. This crate coffee table is intentionally painted in light grey with a slight stroke over the surface, so the color of the paint looks old.

This small crate coffee table also has four legs to make it as tall as the black couch placed surrounding it.

The middle part of the coffee table has a hole where the owner finally uses it as a planter. Some air plants are growing among the gravel to beatify this coffee table.

crate coffee table

Long Wooden Table for Spacious Living Room

A large drawing room will surely need this long coffee table. This coffee table is basically made of six crates which are arranged opposite each other. Open shelves are created naturally after joining those crates as a coffee table.

This coffee table has a long top to store more dishes, drinks, and more to welcome the guests at once. This kind of coffee table will be suitable with the long couch and some additional chairs for sitting.

In natural hue, this coffee table is polished simply to keep it more durable and expensive. We know that it looks gorgeous in the living room finally.

Square Table Furniture for Small Living Room

To optimize a small living room for a chatting area, a set of V-shaped sofas will keep you and your guests close to each other while chatting. The sofa is grey with some cushions arranged neatly on the back.

A small square crate coffee table should be awesome in front of the sofa. This coffee table is made of four crates which are arranged with a small planter in the center. Some gravel is arranged inside the planter.

And to hold the plant, a metallic pot is placed among the gravel. Some items are stored inside the open shelves built under the coffee table top, such as books and decorative balls. This crate table is placed on a stylish carpet with colorful detail on the print.

Brown Black Coffee Table for Dog

Unlike common crate coffee table which appears in square or rectangle. This time, the crate coffee table comes in a round shape. The coffee table generally has a unique shape as a dog cage with two big holes on the sides.

Big strings cover almost the entire side of the coffee table. The only part of the table covered by the wood board is the top and bottom parts of the table. Nonetheless, with the uniqueness of the shape, the coffee table is more suitable for a modern living room instead for the traditional one.

We may put the round table on the gunny sack rug, which is located in the center of the room with L shaped sofa near it.

crate coffee table

Chicken Crate Coffee Table with Small Rectangular Shape

A unique crate coffee table recently uses a chicken crate as the main material so it is made of the chicken crate, no wonder that it appeared with the great transformation of the modern coffee table.

In a small rectangular shape, this crate table has a bigger volume with empty space inside. The grid lines of the crate are displayed on the four sides.

The top part of the table also has mounted detail of plank, so it looks not as smooth as a common table. Four wheels are installed on the bottom to allow everyone to move this furniture for a certain reason.

Eye Catching Crate Table with a Small Size

It still comes with a small crate coffee table. This table is made of four crates with an open part displayed on the side. Wheels are installed on the foot area of the table to make it moveable.

The whole part of the table is painted in natural wood. It displays the original accent of the wood. The middle part of the tabletop is empty, which is finally optimized as a planter for the yellow orchid.

To match this small coffee table, a set of stylish cream couches are arranged surrounding the coffee table. A small square rug in a similar scheme is also placed under the table as a complement.

crate coffee table

Coffee Table with Storage For Modern Drawing Room

In a family house with children, a messy look can be a common appearance every day. The messy look may be almost the entire part of the house, including the drawing room.

And the smartest solution to keep your living space clean is by having furniture featured with storage. A spacious storage idea is found in this crate coffee table. With a unique grid line on the top, side, and bottom parts, we will need a basket to hide the mess.

Choosing stylish white and grey striped baskets to match the wooden crate table is creative. Those baskets can be helpful to make your room always clean and tidy.

Dark Brown Low Coffee Table Ideas

When a coffee table is originally made of useless crates, in a certain line concept, it must have a long hole in the middle top. Generally, most furniture factory prefers to add innovation to the center hole of the table by adding glass or other material.

Sometimes, adding a piece of wooden board to cover the center part of the table is nice. Making it lower for providing special space for cups or glasses and a vase of flowers is also smart.

On the other hand, more space under the tabletop is generally used for storage.

Functional Coffee Table for Bookworms

Living in an apartment with limited space mostly makes people think smartly about how to optimize the narrowed space.

As a bookworm, you will need extra room for your book collection. It is perfect to have at least a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf at home.

Yet, it is better to utilize certain furniture which has been upgraded with storage, such as this crate coffee table. This coffee table is quite small.

Nonetheless, it also offers enough room for storage under the tabletop. You even can store some of your favorite books on this crate table.

crate coffee table

Unique Coffee Table with Leg Books

Expressing new innovations by displaying an anti-mainstream coffee table in the drawing room may sound really good. Unlike the usual crate coffee table, this coffee table appears with a super creative idea to put a big matches box and some books as material.

First, a long wooden matches box is designed with glass detail covering the opening box, while another one is closed with a sleek board.

Some decorative items are displayed inside the glass box with a dark background to make the items seem crystal clear. Two stacks of giant books are arranged under this matches box replica as strong as a table leg.

Stylish Dog Crates for Minimalist Apartments

This dog crate coffee table actually looks like a coffin. It appears in a rectangle with a concrete board covering the hole sides. There are only several bullet holes created on the lower part of every table side.

And the smartest feature found on this coffee table is the hidden storage under the top. In a smart way, the top of the table is openable and people can store almost anything inside.

For the modern drawing room, the coffin-styled coffee table will be suitable to match L shaped bench with some woven chairs arranged neatly on a furry carpet.

crate coffee table

Tiny Coffee Table for Rustic Themed

A tiny crate coffee table looks very stylish without any bright paint color covering the natural look of wood. This table is oil polished to keep it long-lasting and glossy. It has four tall legs to make it suitable among the tall couch and chairs.

Some books and magazines are stored on the shelves under the tabletop. And some porcelain pots are arranged in a triangle layout with refreshing air plants growing well in them. There is no rug placed under this table.

Thus, we can see the tiled floor clearly under the table to make this area cooler. A dark chair and couch are placed surrounding the table for sitting.

Square Crate Table with Bookshelf Ideas

Another crate coffee table is designed in a classic square shape. This coffee table also has an open shelf on the four sides for books. It seems that the homeowner prefers to transform this table into a bookshelf and coffee table at the same time.

Overall, this coffee table is painted dark brown. There is a small square hole in the center of the table, which looks empty.

This table is placed on the warm wooden floor. A floating fireplace on the center wall of the room makes this sitting area warmer and more comfortable.

crate coffee table

Bright Wood Table in Corner Living Area

In a sleek bright wood color scheme, this crate coffee table looks natural on the wooden floor.

Both wood materials have a similar color theme which makes this living room cool and fresh. In addition, placing a pot of greenery on the lower center of the table makes this area incredibly refreshing.

As a crate coffee table, this table still has grid lines. Nonetheless, the grid tabletop provides a safe area for placing some glasses or cups of tea. Based on the position of the crate installation, this table has four open shelves for storage.

Turquoise Coffee Table for Retro Living Space

Some young women prefer to decorate their living space as beautifully as possible. Even most of them prefer to apply super-bright pastel colors almost on the entire room, including the furniture.

Well, the natural crate coffee table is also available with that bright pastel theme, including turquoise. In rectangular shape, this crate table is perfectly painted in turquoise. There is spacious storage under the top with some wire baskets to help in organizing the mess.

A stylish can vase is displayed on the tabletop to hold a bunch of peaches roses. An open book is found near the flower vase with a cute chameleon showing off a similar color as the room theme on its skin.

crate coffee table

Corner Coffee Table for Small Space

As a small coffee table collection, this crate coffee table is perfect for maximizing the room space in any home style. This time, you will need a small square coffee table to be placed in the corner.

This natural crate coffee table has open shelves for storing some books, magazines, and ornaments. A refreshing pot of green plants is also displayed on the top with a stylish floral frame as a decorative item.

Granite flooring looks elegant under this wooden coffee table. A green bench is added to complete the arrangement of this sitting area.

Metal Milk Crate Coffee Table

As a home project, everybody can try to make a coffee table with a metal milk crate. This unique coffee table needs two metal milk crates to be a gap between two big boards on the top and bottom part of the table.

Transforming into a coffee table, wheels are attached to the bottom of the table. The milk crate itself has spacious room for storage.

We can store almost anything inside the metal crates, including a stack of books, an emergency lamp, and some items. This crate coffee table is perfect for filling up the living room with a dark couch.

Elegant Small Coffee Table Ideas

A small crate coffee table looks simple to optimize a corner sitting area. A big pot of green plants is placed in the corner as an ornament. And then, a small crate coffee table is placed between the pot and a stylish wing chair.

This crate table has storage under the top. In fact, there is no item stored inside the shelves to keep it clean.

The dark blue wing chair placed next to the crate table looks modern with wood material as a combination. This sitting furniture set is located close to the window with a curtain.