19+ Top Selections Of Counter Over Washer And Dryer

The countertop with a simple and minimalist design becomes a trend nowadays. It’s a part that might be forgotten on completing the house interior.

The countertop can be functional and give a detailed decorating element to your kitchen. It also brings a nice counter for additional storage.

You can even use it as a desk for laundry time or cooking sessions. The designs are various. You can select it based on your favorite theme nuance for the room. From classic to modern, it’s up to your preferred kitchen interior style. It will be a nice idea to get some inspiration first.

Elegant Black Soapstone Counters in Small Kitchen

The black color represents an elegant appearance. It’s undeniable with the superficial appearance of this counter. It has a shiny surface with a sleek material made from marble.

This counter is a good option for those who love to get an elegant interior. It brings a new contrast to the white paint on the cabinet. The large size of this counter also provides nice storage. It also works as functional furniture in your home.

This room looks elegant enough with a chic interior design. You can put a napkin on the counter for making a good layer of protection. However, leaving it empty is also not a big problem. You can still have a modern countertop design with an elegant impression.

counter over washer and dryer

Gray Granite Countertops in Small Laundry Room

The granite countertop is also a good choice for making the room into a beautiful interior instead of using marble. It blends with the natural color decoration.

The texture of the granite adds to the elegance of the room. It also has a sleek surface, which reflects the lighting area.

This countertop design will enhance the washer room with a new decoration style. It looks minimalist enough with the additional brick wall behind the counter.

The weight is also light enough. It’s an essential thing for making the washing machine still works properly. The thing that is also no less important is the sleek surface. By having this layer, you will easy to clean the counter.

Clean Laundry Space with White Granite Countertop

White usually becomes the favorite and popular color for making a roomy room nuance. It brings a simple room design that will enhance the interior using its illusion.

You can add any other color combination by using this granite countertop. It has white color, which is flexible enough to be mixed with the other decorations.

counter over washer and dryer

However, if you prefer to get a simple room design, you can just try to make a white interior theme. It looks minimalist with a modern accent.

The L-shaped design of this counter also brings a functional space with its comfortable area. You can even put different stuff on the counter as decorating elements. For example, some knife and spoon organizers can be placed on the corner of this counter.

Natural Walnut Materials over Washer and Dryer

Choosing the walnut countertop can be a good option for those who love to get a light and simple counter design. It has a minimalist wooden structure that will suit your modern room.

The brown color of the walnut creates a stunning impression. It also makes a natural appearance with a warm setting.

You can quickly move this counter since it has lightweight. The price for this counter is also affordable. It looks nice with an elegant design.

You will love how minimalist this counter is over the washer and dryer for the laundry room. Combining the white shelf with its top is also a good thing to do. It brings a comfortable area with a fully furnished room design.

counter over washer and dryer

White Folding Counter under Cabinet in Small Space

Simplicity is always fascinating to be implemented on the house interior. It has a versatile design, which you can quickly move. The white folding counter also can be an excellent choice for making a spacious area for your laundry room.

When the counter is not in use, you can move this counter to the other desk for the other functions. It also has a sleek design, which is suitable enough for modern interior design.

This counter washer and dryer also look classy with their white color. It can be a good counter for the laundry room. The weight of this counter is light enough. It’s easy to lift, and you will get an excellent interior design for your home.

Large Size Custom Walnut Wood Counter Ideas

Enclosing your washing machine using the counter is actually an excellent idea to try. It will make a protection layer for the washing machine.

Moreover, the counter has a complete layout that will cover the washing machine. It also can be a nice decoration layout for the room.

The wooden color from the walnut material brings a chic design to the room layout. It provides an exciting room appearance in such a beautiful nuance. Moreover, it also has a tall structure. It means that the protection for the machine is durable.

The light brown color on this counter also gains warm space for the interior. It has a simple design with a stunning counter style. It can be an enclosure for the machine with a lovely setting.

Futuristic Stainless Steel Counter Washer and Dryer

If you think the wooden material is not sturdy enough, why not try to get the counter with stainless steel?

It can be an excellent option for making an industrial theme for your laundry area. The fantastic benefit of the stainless steel material is its easy maintenance feature.

This counter has a compact size with a functional appearance. You can clean it easily. The shiny surface also brings an elegant reflection on the room’s lighting. It’s combined with the sleek design of the cabinet.

The blue color on the wall also matches the counter. Try to use the same style to create a modern room with an industrial decoration style.

counter over washer and dryer

Simplistic DIY Plywood Countertop Washer and Dryer

Saving your bucks by exploring your creativity can be done with DIY stuff. One of the countertop ideas is by making a DIY plywood counter. This one looks nice with its simple design. It covers the washer with a double layer.

This design is an excellent option for you who have a small area in your room. It looks adorable with the wooden texture on there. The cutting of its edge is also sharp. It defines a new room design with a minimalist aspect.

You should try to get some decorating elements on the top of this counter. For example, artificial leaves can be placed on the corner. This will help the room to get its detailed interior accent. It will make a simple nature theme for your interior décor.

Marble Countertop with Abstract Texture

The marble material looks luxurious on the counter. It also usually comes with an abstract texture on the surface. The sleek appearance of the counter will create a remarkable impression on the room design. It also has an exciting interior space with a gray color.

The combination of white and gray colors will enhance a spacious interior nuance. It also looks artistic with the natural appearance of the marble stone.

This counter is suitable for those who adore some eccentric color nuance. It also can be used as mini storage. To maximize the design, you also can put the power outlet with additional classic decoration.

Plain White Counter over Washer and Dryer

The white counter for your laundry room is the best choice to make a clean interior. It looks minimalist with a modern touch on there.

The wooden floor suits the white counter. The counter also has a unique design, which appears to blend with the room corner. It also uses a sleek material that will shine a luxurious appearance on the home.

Since white is a neutral color, you can make any combination by using this counter over the washer and dryer. It also has an excellent design with a chic appearance.

You should try to make a clean theme if you prefer to use this counter. Sometimes, simplicity becomes the key to an extraordinary room interior.

counter over washer and dryer

Sleek with Turquoise Counter Style

The turquoise counter-style looks fantastic with the bright white layer on its surface. It seems like you’re inside the ship with the fresh air on there.

The wall also has a minimalist decorating element. It means that you should adopt this room layout if you want to get a colorful counter without a tacky impression. It also has a shiny material on the counter.

The entire room looks mesmerizing with a chic furniture design. The cabinets and shelves use traditional design. It blends nicely with the white counter.

Of course, this room can be a perfect space for those who adore minimalist interior design. It also brings a new coziness with beautiful room décor.

Simple Table Top for Washer and Dryer

Organizing your laundry room by adding the countertop is a must. The wooden counter can be the first option to get the new tabletop over the washer and dryer. It has a simple design with lovely material.

The wooden layer on this counter brings a natural appearance. To complete the interior layout, you can also put an additional wooden hanger above the counter. It brings an elegant interior without having a complex decoration style.

You also can add some other stuff like the soap container. Use the same material as the wooden counter so it will match perfectly. It gains an excellent interior design with a simple arrangement. The room looks beautiful with a new fresh appearance.

counter over washer and dryer

Simple Countertop with Wooden Accents

Getting some nature accent on your laundry room can be done by adding a wooden element. Thus, the countertop made from wood can be placed there.

This room has its requirement for an elegant space with simple decoration. It has a stunning interior layout with great nuance on there.

The room also uses minimal decoration to make a spacious impression. This step is essential for you who want to redecorate the laundry room.

Remember that the wooden counter is a good choice, especially when you want to move it when not in use.

It also provides a roomy area for organizing the laundry. The additional storage can be placed above this counter. It uses rattan as the primary material.

Traditional Meets Modern Counter in White Laundry Space

When we talk about a traditional interior style, we might think about our granny house. It will be a lovely room design for building a combination of modern and classic interior types.

This laundry room has a stunning counter with wooden material. It also has racks on the wall with an artistic appearance. Simple decorations such as the green wreath will add an exciting decoration theme.

It also has a sink near the counter, which is practical enough to organize your dishes and laundry.

This room looks beautiful with an eccentric decoration theme. It also uses a wooden counter with sturdy material. Remember, the countertop should contrast with the entire room design if you want to mix the interior style.

counter over washer and dryer

Metallic Countertop Surface in L Shaped Room

Shiny with a nice reflection on the counter. That is the impression of this countertop. Made from a metallic material, this counter looks sturdy. It represents a robust decoration design with an elegant appearance.

Using this counter on your laundry is a good idea to be implemented. It has easy maintenance. You can clean the counter by using a simple napkin.

The white cabinets on this laundry are also suitable for the counter. It looks mesmerizing with a beautiful decoration theme. You should try to use this room style for making a chic interior for your laundry area.

White Color Countertop Washer and Dryer

Playing with the white color in your room is actually not that boring. White always become a nice choice for those who want to play safe. It’s a neutral color that can be applied with other color combinations.

This counter looks awesome with the minimalist white color. It provides large storage on its surface. Moreover, the white color also gives you the benefit of cleaning the surface.

You can easily spot the dirt and clean it properly. This room becomes spacious with its white room style. It also can be a good thing for you to put the white over the black color washer. It brings a nice contrast with the impressive color scheme.

Elegant Dark Counter Washer and Dryer

If you prefer to balance your room’s interior color, then adding a bold black border is the proper answer. This counter looks nice with its black color. It seems aggressive among the white color that dominates this room.

The surface of this counter is also reflecting the lighting in the room. It brings an elegant interior design without leaving a minimalist appearance.

This counter is suitable for narrow spaces. It also has a compact size that will fit nicely in your laundry room.

counter over washer and dryer

The additional storage can be put on top of the counter. It brings functional furniture with a good arrangement. You will get a nice laundry room design with a stunning appearance on there. It also creates a unique appearance with a simple color setting.

Try to make the same design for your laundry room, so you will get a nice interior design.

Wooden Countertop Washer and Dryer

The wooden board can be used as the countertop. It’s a simple solution for you who want to save money without complex thinking about getting a new counter. Simply measure the counter area that you need and cut the board.

You can mount the board on the wall, and voila, you will get an excellent counter design with its simple accent.

A wooden counter-over washer or dryer is perfect for a room with a modern setting. It brings a nature theme with a simple interior layout. It also gains the minimalist appearance of the counter. Moreover, you can easily change the design if you like. It’s easy to arrange and move.

Simple Countertop Layout in Black White Interiors

Brown color might become a nature-themed decoration for the room interior. The black cabinet combined with the brown countertop looks lovely with its simple arrangement. It has an excellent layout design with a spacious appearance.

Some additional lighting is also placed on top of this area. To make a clean counter design, there is a different cover for the sink. It might not be practical enough, and you can optionally remove it from the sink.

However, a tidy countertop will become a plus side for your room design. It brings a catchy interior design with a chic and cozy layout. This counter is suitable for those who want to create a simple laundry room.

Countertop has various designs and styles. By selecting the right countertop, you will get a nice laundry room. Ensure that the counter has a flat surface so you can easily make the counter the organizer during laundry time.

It also comes with various theme settings that can match your room’s interior. Whether you want it to be classic, modern, or unique, just decide with your own preferences.